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SECurity KNITting KIT

Integrating Security Into Traditional Computer Science Courses


Welcome to SecKnitKit project!

Organized by Computer Science department, Tennessee Tech University, and supported by National Science Foundation Award #1140864 SecKnitKit (Security Knitting Kit): Integrating Security into Traditional Computer Science Courses

The goal of this project is to improve the security literacy of undergraduate Computer Science (CS) students by exposing them to computer security concepts and issues in their regular course of study in CS. Faculty whose primary teaching/research focus is not security are provided support for integrating security topics into their traditional upper division CS courses and for delivering learning material through the use of a multi-faceted instructional support system. The objectives of this project are:

  • to improve security awareness, knowledge and interest of undergraduate CS students;
  • to improve security awareness and teaching expertise for non-security faculty; and
  • to promote the use of security integration strategy and materials for traditional CS courses.

More information about the instructional content and how to access them can be found HERE.

More information about this project itself can be found in this ACM ITiCSE 2014 publication.

  • For questions, please contact Dr. Ambareen Siraj at
  • For technical support with the exercises, please contact Travis Lee at


Contact Persons:

Dr. Ambareen Siraj – Principal Investigator

Dr. Sheikh Ghafoor – Co-Principal Investigator

Dr. William Eberle – Senior Personnel

Dr. Mike Rogers – Senior Personnel

Dr. Ada Haynes – Evaluation Specialist

Joshua Tower, Shaun Tipton, Konstantin Menako, Vance Trammell – Student Assistants

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