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Bachelor of Science: Professional Studies

Bachelor of Science: Professional Studies

Undergraduate Professional Studies Program Summary

Tennessee Tech offers students a wide range of cutting-edge, online programs for up and coming professionals through TN eCampus.

Apply to Tennessee Tech as your "home" school and get an accredited degree online through these market-ready, convenient, and accessible programs.

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If you are interested in adding a minor to your program, ask you advisor for assistance. 

The list of possible minors offered by Tennessee Tech can be found HERE.

The page heading is Undergraduate Degree Requirements. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page to see the list of minors.



For Information & Assistance
Email Jeannie Smith, Director Student Success Center
Email Kandy B. Smith, MPS Program Coordinator


Fast Track

MPS Fast-track Program Admissions

The MPS Fast-track program will allow eligible undergraduates to enroll for up to six (6) hours of graduate courses prior to formal admission to the MPS program.  The courses will be taken during the student’s junior/senior year and can be used to satisfy both undergraduate and graduate degree requirements. Participation does not change requirements for either the undergraduate or graduate programs of study.  The MPS Fast-track program applies to all MPS concentrations.

Once admitted to the MPS Fast-track program, the student will be allowed to enroll in appropriate graduate courses in the junior or senior year with the consent of the student’s undergraduate advisor and the Director of the MPS program.  Courses completed at the Graduate Level are only guaranteed to apply to the completion of the MPS graduate degree program.  The student must earn a minimum grade of “B” in the graduate courses in order to apply them to the MPS program of study and to continue in the Fast-track program.  The MPS Fast-track program is open to all undergraduate majors whom meet the following admissions requirements:

·         Fast-track applicant must be earning a baccalaureate degree at Tennessee Tech University and completed at least 90 hours of credit;

·         Overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better;

·         GPA of 3.25 in undergraduate major;

·         Recommendation from the student’s undergraduate advisor

Note:  in addition to the requirements for admission to the MPS Fast-track program, all requirements for admission to the graduate program must also be met upon graduation.  Meeting these minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the graduate program.


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