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Approving Media

Videos published by an Instructor should be available immediately in the Media Gallery. However, student videos need to be approved before they become available in the Media Gallery. Once approved their videos will be viewable by anyone in that class. This can be an excellent way to publicize exemplary videos or have students share insights with the class.

Approving Student Media

First the instructor will need to go to the Media Gallery for their course.

When there are items waiting to be approved the instructor should see Pending below the Media Gallery heading on the right.

This shows 1 Pending below the Media Gallery heading.

After clicking on the Pending link the instructor will be taken to a page that includes all media waiting to be approved.

To the right of a given piece of media the instructor will have the option to Approve or Reject the video.

This shows the approve and reject buttons on the right.

If the media is approved it will be available in the Media Gallery immediately. If the media is rejected it will disappear from this screen and return to the user.

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