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Video Captions

Kaltura supports a variety of caption types including SRT, DXFP, and XML. Videos that are created or uploaded into Kaltura will be automatically captioned with machine captions and they will be automatically attached to your videos. A separate transcript text file will also be made available as well. Under ideal circumstances (high quality microphone, clear enunciation, and non-technical language) machine captioning will be accurate between 70 and 80 percent of the time. When needed users can edit captions to make corrections.

  • Accessing your captions

    • Click on the video from My Media to open it.
    • Below the video, select the Actions menu
    • Select the Caption Requests link
    • If you do not see the captions listed, click Refresh list: CLICK HERE to see all Caption Requests for this media.

    You should see your caption request populate with the date it was completed and there will be an edit button on the right.

  • Editing Captions

    After you are able to successfully access your captions you will see an edit button on the right. That will launch the Cielo caption editor.

    Here is an introduction to the Cielo caption editor:


    While that is just an introduction you can find more tutorial videos on Cielo's webpage.

Collaborating on Captions

You can allow any other users to edit your captions by making them a Co-Editor for your video. Warning: by making someone a Co-Editor on your video they can edit anything on your video and edits apply to all versions of the video. You can find out more about co-editing on the Collaborations Page.

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