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Editing Videos

Kaltura has an extensive video editor. It is very powerful, allowing you to trim down or cut out mistakes found in your videos, to turn your videos into quizzes, or add links to them. Editing videos will be broken down in several subsections that you will find below. If you have any questions about these options please check the Editing User Guide or Contact Us with your questions.

Accessing the Basic Editor

The basic editor is where you will find the option to edit things like your video description or title. You can also find the Collaboration tab here and the Captions tab, where you can delete your existing captions.

You can access this screen by clicking the pencil icon out to the right of your video in My Media or from the Actions Menu after you click on the video thumbnail.

Launching the Kaltura Editor

The Kaltura Video Editor is a specific tool that allows you to edit your videos in several different ways all at once. To launch the Kaltura Editor first select the video you would like to edit. Then from the Actions menu select Launch Editor. Conversely you can also find a Launch Editor button on the Edit Video screen. The Kaltura Editor currently has options to allow you to Create a Video Quiz, add Hotspots, and trim your video.

  • Creating a Video Quiz

    Kaltura allows you to create separate versions of your video that includes quiz questions. Check out the Interactive Video Quiz guide for a step by step guide on how to create a video quiz.

    The following question types are supported by the video quiz tool.

    • Multiple Choice
    • True/False
    • Reflection Point
      • Reflection Point questions allow you to provide a text prompt for students to reflect on what they just watched, or to instruct them to go to another tool to complete an action, for example the iLearn discussion board. The student does not have the option to answer a reflection point; rather, it is used to prompt critical thinking or provide instruction.
    • NEW! Open Question
      • Allows you to present the quiz taker with the option to add free text. After the quiz is submitted, the quiz owner can look at the written response and write notes. This is similar to the Written Response question type in the iLearn quiz tool.

    Some tips for using video quizzes

    • Do not put your quiz questions at the very end of the video. Leave at least 10 seconds of the video after the questions. If you put the question too close to the end the video will actually stop before the question can pop up.
    • You can connect Quizzes to the iLearn gradebook if you use it. You can find more information about that process on the publishing videos page.
    • You can gets lots of data about your quiz taking users as well as their completion rates and grades in the Analytics area. Check out the Quiz Reporting Guide for more information about that tool.
    • If students are having trouble taking a Video Quiz point them towards the How to take a Video Quiz page, which goes over the process in great detail.

  • Editing a Video

    Kaltura supports the ability to trim videos and chop and splice videos. We will go over each below in more detail.

    Trimming Videos

    Trimming a video is when you cut time off the beginning and/or end of a video. You can trim as much or as little as you need from any video that has been uploaded into My Media or created using the video creation tools. YouTube videos added to Kaltura can not be trimmed. For more information please check Kaltura's step by step guide to trimming videos.

    Chopping & Splicing Videos

    Chopping (also known as splitting) is when you separate a video into smaller chunks. You can then delete those chunks and combine (splice) the remaining pieces to delete sections from the middle of your video. This is an excellent solution if you made a mistake in the middle of recording because it allows you to edit out that mistake. Kaltura also supports a fade transition to fade out and in of the differences sections. Kaltura provides a step by step Chopping guide with pictures. Please check it out for more information.


  • Create a Hotspot

    Hotspots are a brand new feature that allows you to add clickable links to your video; think of them as the Kaltura analog to the Annotations on YouTube videos. You can access the Hotspots editor by clicking on the icon with an arrow on it on the left panel of the video editor.

    Note: You can not add HotSpots to video quizzes.

    The HotSpot guide goes through creating and placing the buttons on the page as well as how to insert your links.

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