Using Kaltura in iLearn

Kaltura in iLearn consists of two primary components, My Media and the Media Gallery. You can access My Media from the main navigation bar on the iLearn homepage. You can also access both tools from inside your class under Media in the navigation bar.

While faculty and students have access to the vast majority of the same tools there are some small differences. Choose your role to see the differences.

Faculty Member          or          Student

My Media

My Media is where all the media you have uploaded to Kaltura and have been granted access to is stored. When you upload a video or image into Kaltura, it will be stored in My Media. The My Media homepage has the most up to date information about all the awesome things you can do from My Media, including creating, editing, and downloading media and all the various analytical information you can get from your media.

Learn more about what options are available to you in My Media.


Publishing Media to iLearn

To publish media in your course, you have two options. The Media Gallery is course specific in iLearn. That means every single course you are teaching has it's own Media Gallery. The Media Gallery is Kaltura's primary way for you to share your videos with your class in iLearn. Another way, is using the iLearn Content tool to create the links to the media.

Learn more about about publishing the media in your course, as well as how to create playlists and other things in the Media Gallery.

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