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Kaltura Media Platform

The Kaltura Media Platform allows our faculty and students to create, upload, edit, and share media of all different types. It can be used for creating lecture capture videos, recording presentations, uploading existing videos, importing YouTube videos, providing analytics as to viewing habits, creating video quizzes, and providing automatic mechanical captioning. It is also integrated with iLearn to allow faculty and students to easily share videos.

This webpage is designed to give you exactly the information you need in bite-sized pieces based on what your needs are. The first thing we need to know to help you to the best of our ability is where would you like to use Kaltura?


However it's not exclusive to iLearn. Faculty can also use it outside of iLearn by accessing the TnTech Media Portal.


  • "Access Denied" message on MAC/iOS

    Can't see the Media Gallery in iLearn? 

    Are you using a Mac with Safari? Are you seeing either an "Access Denied" error or one that says "It seems your browser is blocking 3rd party sessions cookies which are required for the Kaltura application. To resolve this issue, please update your settings to allow 3rd party cookies. "

    • Use another browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera...)
    • Change your Safari Preferences
      • Go to the Safari menu and select Preferences - Privacy.
      • Make sure the option under Website tracking for Prevent cross-site tracking is is unchecked.
      • Go to your course and click the Media Gallery or My Media link under Media.
      • Once you do this, it should allow the cookie and then you can go back and put your setting back to Allow from websites I visit (or other setting you prefer).

    If you are using iOS 12 on a mobile device (phone or iPad) you will need to disable Prevent cross-site tracking which is found in the Safari Settings.

    You can also get this message in Chrome if it has been specifically set to block third-party cookies previously. Follow the below steps for Chrome:

    • Go to Settings in the 3 dot menu.
    • Go down to the bottom and expand the Advanced section
    • Select Content Settings
    • Select Cookies
    • Toggle off Block third-party cookies.

    If you are using iOS 12 that setting is not available in Chrome so you will need to disable “Prevent cross-site tracking” in the Safari settings and use Safari to access the Media tools.

  • Kaltura Quickstart Guide
  • How to Convert Lecture Slides into a Kaltura Capture Video