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Using Kaltura via the TTU Media Portal

The TTU Media Portal is the home page for public-facing videos at Tennessee Tech, powered by the Kaltura Media Platform. The Kaltura Media Platform allows all users the ability to create, manage, and share various pieces of media including video and audio files. From the TTU Media Portal, you will be able to upload existing media files, create recordings, and make quizzes out of existing videos. In addition to creating Media the TTU Media Portal is unique in that it is the only place you can get a public link to one of your videos.

As we expand the rollout of this service we will add online communities and channels for sharing media with students, faculty, and staff on the TTU campus.

To sign into the TTU Media Portal

Go to and select the Guest link in the upper right-hand corner of the page of the TTU Media Portal page. Choose Login and enter your TTU account credentials.

Login button for the TTU Media Portal

After logging in you should have several options including, but not limited to, My Media, My Playlists, and My History under your name in the corner. The most important of those options is My Media.

My Media

My Media is where all the media you have uploaded to Kaltura and have been granted access to is stored. When you upload a video or image into Kaltura, it will be stored in My Media. The My Media homepage has the most up to date information about the all the awesome things you can do from My Media, including creating, editing, and downloading media and all the various analytical information you can get from your media.


Sharing videos via a link

We understand there are many circumstances where you might want to get a link to a video you have uploaded into Kaltura and share it with the world. The TTU Media Portal allows you to do that.

In the TTU media portal, videos can have 1 of 3 different statuses.

  • Private
  • Unlisted
  • Published 

Private videos are only visible to the owner of the video unless embedded using the provided embed code.

Unlisted videos can be shared through links but will not be visible on the main TTU Media Portal homepage. This link can be shared via email or placed on a website and anyone with access to the link can watch the video. 

Published videos are ones that are available to the public on the homepage. Currently, only the Office of Communication and Marketing can publish videos on this portal in this way.

You can get make your video unlisted and get the URL to share with others.

Make your Video Unlisted to Share

  1. Go to
  2. Select Guest and then Login, use your TTU credentials to login.
  3. Select your name and then My Media (the My Media is the same as in iLearn)
  4. Select the video you want to share
  5. Select the Actions menu below the video and then Publish
  6. Choose Unlisted and Save

Get the Link to the Video to Share or Submit

Once Unlisted, you can copy the URL from browser or choose the Share option below the video.

  1. To copy the link, select it in the URL bar of the browser and copy and paste it. You can copy and paste the URL to a document and upload that document for the assignment, if a file is required to be uploaded.
  2. In the Share options you can get a shareable link as well as embed code for embedding your video into other websites.