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My Media

What is My Media?

My Media is where all the media you have uploaded to Kaltura and have been granted access to is stored. When you upload a video or image into Kaltura, it will be stored in My Media. My Media is connected to your account and is not location specific. If you access My Media from iLearn or the TTU Media Portal you will see the same list of videos.

How do I create Media in Kaltura?

Kaltura offers a suite of creations tools to allow anyone to create video recordings from any device. The two we will be highlighting are Kaltura Capture and Kaltura Express. See which one is right for you below.

NOTE: CaptureSpace is no longer supported by Kaltura and was deprecated on May 31, 2019. We recommend you download the new Kaltura Capture version (see below). CaptureSpace on Windows may allow you to continue creating recordings, but it will not automatically upload. The software does not work at all on the Mac.

To upload media you already created, such as Zoom recordings or other video software, see the Media Upload area. 

  • Kaltura Capture

    Kaltura Capture

    Kaltura Capture is a full-featured screen recording solution. With Kaltura Capture, you can record any combination of two recording devices (for example two screens, two webcams, or 1 of each) and a microphone. While recording you will have the option to write or draw on your screen using the built-in annotation tools.

    Kaltura Capture can be downloaded from either iLearn or the TTU Media Portal. You can access the installer by clicking on the Add New button within My Media and choosing Kaltura Capture.

    For TTU-owned Macs, please use the self-service install.

    Once you have Kaltura Capture installed you can get started by checking out this introduction tutorial or watch a video about using Kaltura Capture.

    The Kaltura Capture User Guide has more details about the different features and functions so check that out for more information.

  • Kaltura Express

    Kaltura Express

    Kaltura Express is a fast and easy tool for recording your webcam and microphone, no downloads or installs required. This tool does not record your screen. Kaltura Express works directly in your web browser so you can start recording in seconds. You can start recording using Kaltura Express by clicking on the Add New button within My Media and choosing Kaltura Express.

    For more detailed information about Kaltura Express, including a walk-through check out the Kaltura Express User Guide.

How do I add my existing Media to My Media?

Kaltura supports uploading videos you have already created or connecting videos from YouTube in My Media. If you upload existing videos you will get the full suite of Kaltura features including auto captions and detailed analytics. If you connect a video that is published on YouTube then the captions will need to exist on YouTube for them to show in My Media. You will also get slightly less detailed analytics.

Need to find a video from Kaltura Capture, Zoom, or an old video from CaptureSpace?

If you need to re-upload a video you recorded with Kaltura Capture, CaptureSpace, or Zoom that is still on your computer follow these steps to access the MP4 file. Once you have your file, follow the steps below in the Media Upload area.

  • Media Upload

     On the My Media screen, from the Add New button in the top left, select Media Upload.

    • Choose the file you want to upload and click Open.
    • You will see a progress bar at the top of the screen showing your upload progress. You must stay on this screen until it says, Upload Completed.
    • Enter the information for the video.
    • Name of media (required)
    • Description of the media
    • Enter Tags that can help viewers quickly search and find media that is associated with specific topics.

    We recommend titling your video something easy for your viewers to understand and then elaborating in the description. Everything that you type in on this screen is searchable by the viewer.

    Tags can be helpful for connecting multiple pieces of media together under a common theme.


  • YouTube

    YouTube is a supported connection with Kaltura and YouTube videos can be imported into your My Media storage.

    On the My Media screen, from the Add New button in the top left select YouTube.

    • You will be taken to the Insert YouTube page.
    • Copy the link from YouTube and paste it here and hit Preview.
    • You should see a page, like the one seen when you upload your own media. The title and description will be filled in with whatever the original YouTube video had in those fields.
    • After saving, this video is added to your My Media and will have all the same options as a piece of media that you created. However, this is a link to the original video, not a copy. Due to that, you will not have to worry about any copyright issues with the video, but if the original video goes offline so will your link.

More options for media in Kaltura:

Within Kaltura, you can make minor edits to the videos, add video quizzes and hotspots. You can also share access to your video for others to publish, edit or just view.

By default when media is uploaded to Kaltura, the system will provide mechanical captioning. This means, it auto-captions the video the best it can. Depending on your dialect, sound quality, nature of the content and some other things, it can be more or less accurate. You do have the ability to edit these captions. Captions are great for people who are hard of hearing or deaf, if someone is watching in a location where the surrounding sound is distracting and ESL students.