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Using Kaltura in iLearn as a Faculty Member

Faculty have some different options when using Kaltura with iLearn than students do. Here we cover how to create video assignments in iLearn, approve a students video in the Media Gallery, and adding links to media in the Content tool.

Find out more information about creating a Video Quiz on the Editing Videos page.

Need to download a video or want to let students download your videos? 

Creating a Video Assignment in iLearn

Creating an Assignment folder in which a student can turn in a video is very similar to creating a standard Assignment folder, with a few key differences.

First you will create your Assignment folder by going to the Assignment tool and clicking the New Assignment button.

On the next screen you will be prompted to name and provide instructions to the students. This is your opportunity to explain to your students what you expect them to do for the assignment, including providing a link to the student information page with instructions for how to submit a video assignment.

Below the Instructions and Attachments sections there is a section titled Submission, Completion and Categorization. Here is where the important changes come in. In this section there is a drop-down labeled Submission type. From here you want to make sure to choose Text Submission.

Showing the Text Submission option in the Assignment tool below Submission Completeion and Categorization

While this may seem counter intuitive, it means that the student will have a text box instead of an upload button when they go to turn in their assignment. Within that text box the student will be able to embed their video or create a link to their video, provided they have uploaded it into Kaltura following our how to submit a video assignment instructions.

If you leave the default option (File Submission) by mistake, you can change it to Text Submission as long as no one has turned in ANYTHING into this Assignment folder.

Everything after this point follows the traditional Assignment folder creation procedure. Once a student has turned in a video assignment you will be able to view and grade it just like a traditionally uploaded assignment.

Approve a Student's Video in the Media Gallery

While both faculty and students can publish to the Media Gallery, only faculty media is shown by default. When a student publishes media to the Media Gallery, the instructor must approve the video if they want it to be visible to others in the Media Gallery. Learn more about approving student submissions in the Media Gallery.

Adding Links to Media in Content

Faculty have two options when publishing media in an iLearn course. You can publish media in the Media Gallery for the course or you can create a link to the media in the Content area. Learn more about publishing media to iLearn.

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