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Publishing Media to iLearn

You have two options to publish media in your iLearn course. You can link the videos in the Media Gallery for the course or you can add a link to the media in the Content area. If you would like to make sure they watch the video, you will want to use the Content link. You can also link to videos in other tools using the HTML editor and the Insert Stuff button available throughout the system. If you just want students to have the videos available, the Media Gallery is a great option.

NOTE: We DO NOT recommend publishing your media from My Media. This tends to cause issues and if it doesn't work, you will have to unpublish and try one of the options below. To unpublish, go back to My Media, check the box to the left of the video, choose Actions - Publish and uncheck the boxes next to the course names and click Save. When publishing to multiple courses from here only one will actually publish and all others will just sit in a PENDING mode. You can go into the course and in the Media Gallery, select the Pending tab and make sure to approve the pending videos if you publish this way.

Publishing Media in the Content Tool

You can link to your videos within the Content tool; connecting students to course materials in one location allows them to move through the course easily. This option also gives you the ability to setup Release Conditions that require a student to view the video prior to accessing other tools, like an assignment, discussion or quiz.

To link to the video

  1. Go to the course and choose Course Materials and then Content
  2. Select the module where you would like to put the link
  3. Select the Existing Activities button
  4. Choose Add Media
    Existing Activities - Add Media

  5. By default, the player does not allow for downloading videos. If you would like to change your default player, select the Gear icon next to the Embed button.
    Choose the Embed Settings option 

  6. Choose the player option for the video and you can also choose whether you want to make it your default or only allow the download player for the specific video.
  7. Select the Embed button to add to your Content
    Select the appropriate options for the video player

  8. Once you Embed the video, the students will be able to select the link and see it using the player you choose.
  9. The download player will have the additional download button in the upper right corner. The default player will not have this option.
    Download player view

Want to learn more about release conditions?

Watch how to create a link to videos in content 

Interested in creating video quizzes and linking them to your Content and Grades?

HTML Editor and Insert Stuff

You can publish media in any tool that has the HTML editor visible to type information into. 

  1. You will want to go to tool (assignments, discussions, announcements, etc) in iLearn
  2. You will select to create a new assignment, discussion, announcement, etc. in iLearn
  3. Select the Insert Stuff button
    Insert Stuff Icon
  4. Select the Insert Media option
    Insert Media
  5. Select the Embed button to the right of the video you want to insert
    Embed Video

  6. Click Insert to put the video in the assignment instructions, post, feedback area, discussion, etc.

Media Gallery

The Media Gallery is for videos that you want to share with your class. Videos posted to the Media Gallery will be visible to everyone who has access to your class. The Media Gallery is unique to every single course in iLearn. You can customize each Media Gallery to fit the needs of that specific course. On this page we will cover a few settings in the Media Gallery. While publishing a video to the Media Gallery is an excellent option for sharing videos with your courses, it's not the only option.

Publishing Media to the Media Gallery

  1. Go to the specific course and select Media Gallery
  2. Select Add Media on the right side of the Media Gallery.
  3. That will take you to the Media Selections page.
  4. Check the box to the left of every video you would like to add to this specific course. 
    TIP: If you have lots of videos feel free to search for the appropriate ones using the search bar on the right.
  5. After selecting the appropriate videos click Publish in the top right-hand corner and that will Publish the selected videos in that specific course.

NOTE: Remember Media Galleries are specific to each course so if you want to share something to multiple courses you will need to repeat these steps or import from another Media Gallery.

Settings in the Media Gallery

In the Media Gallery you can get to the settings menu by clicking on the 3 bar icon in the top right of the page just below the navigation barand choosing Edit. From the edit menu you will immediately be able to add a description to your Media Gallery as well as control whether comments are enabled, visible, and if media published in Content are viewable here. The primary thing to be done here is the creation and management of Playlists.


Playlists allow you to group videos into smaller manageable lists. This also allows you to control the exact order videos are presented to your students and even lets you group videos by topic or whether they are optional or mandatory. Playlists can be intimidating at first, due to the variety of options, but this walkthrough, created by Kaltura, goes into detail about every step involved with creating and managing playlists.

Importing Media

If you have a Media Gallery set up in another course, you can copy that Media Gallery into a new course. If you don't have anything in your current Media Gallery you will see a banner at the bottom of the empty Media Gallery that says "To import content from another media gallery you manage, click here." If you click that option you will be presented with every course that you have instructor access to that has an active Media Gallery. You can then chose to import that Media Gallery into the one you are currently in.

If you already have media in your Media Gallery you can access the Import option from the settings menu in the top right of the Media Gallery, which will give the same set of options.

NOTE: If you have more than 10 playlists in your Media Gallery only the first 10 will be imported. This is a system limitation and may be adjusted in the future by Kaltura.

Removing media from the Media Gallery

You can also remove media from your Media Gallery at any time.

Select the 3 dot (...) icon below the thumbnail of the video you want to remove. This will reveal a X icon, which you can use to remove that piece of media from the Media Gallery.

Approving a student video in the Media Gallery

Videos published by an Instructor should be available immediately in the Media Gallery. Student videos, however, need to be approved before they become available in the Media Gallery. Once approved their videos will be viewable by anyone in that class. This can be an excellent way to publicize exemplar videos or have students share insights with the class.

First the instructor will need to go to the Media Gallery for their course.

When there are items waiting to be approved the instructor should see Pending below the Media Gallery heading on the right.

This shows 1 Pending below the Media Gallery heading.

After clicking on the Pending link the instructor will be taken to a page that includes all media waiting to be approved.

To the right of a given piece of media the instructor will have the option to Approve or Reject the video.

This shows the approve and reject buttons on the right.

If the media is approved it will be available in the Media Gallery immediately. If the media is rejected it will disappear from this screen and return to the user.

Need a public link to your video?

Need a link to share with people who are not in your iLearn class? Go to the Media Portal page.