Using Kaltura as a student

Students and faculty can each create videos and post them in a course. However, there are a few differences for students. Here we cover how to use the internal iLearn video recording tool, complete video assignments, taking a video quiz, and submit files to the Media Gallery.

Learn more about creating videos to complete an assignment.

Is Your Video 3 Minutes or Less? Use the iLearn Option.

Due to COVID-19 and needing more resources, this limit has been changed to 30 minutes for the time being.

If your video is less than 3 minutes, you can use the Record Video option in iLearn. You can find this in Assignments and Discussions. Depending on the type of assignment the instructor sets up, you will add the video differently.

You can distinguish the two types of assignments in the Submit description and by the fact that the Text Submission only has a text submission box and a File Submission requires you to add a file, audio, or video.

TEXT SUBMISSION ASSIGNMENT: If the assignment is a Text Submission, you will want to do the following:

  1. You will want to go to the Assignment tool, under the Assessments menu, in iLearn.
  2. Click on the Assignment folder for the video assignment.
  3. Select the Insert Stuff button.
  4. Select the Video Note option and record your video and go through the process. 

Insert Stuff - Video Note

FILE SUBMISSION ASSIGNMENT: If the assignment is a File Submission, you can simply select the Record Video button. You will probably need to allow the program to associate with your webcam and microphone. 

Insert Video through File Upload Assignment

Then select New Recording. When you are done, select Stop Recording and give the file a Title and Description, then click Add and Submit to turn in the assignment.

Turn in Video Assignments

You can turn in video assignments into an Assignment folder or post in a Discussions thread in iLearn. 

The following steps let you know the process to link or embed an video directly in an assignment, assuming the instructor has set it up for text submissions (not requiring a file upload).

  1. You will want to go to the Assignment tool, under the Assessments menu, in iLearn.
  2. Click on the Assignment folder for the video assignment.
  3. You should see a text box on your screen. There are several controls at the top of this box. You have two options to insert your video into this post, a chain link icon (Insert Quicklink) and a play button icon (Insert Stuff).
    1. If you use the Insert Quicklink button, a link to your video will insert into the post.
    2. If you use the Insert Stuff button, your video will embed into the post.
  4. After clicking either button, you will have several options, but the one you want says Add Media or Insert Media. After selecting the Media option, you will see a list of all the media you have uploaded to My Media. Just select the </> Embed button to the right of the video you want to post and it will insert into the text box.

If you see the Add a File button above the comment box your instructor has chosen the option to require a file upload as well. You may want to contact your instructor to find out exactly what they may want you to upload. 

One way to submit your file is to follow the instructions above about inserting it in the text box and upload a file with your name on it. If the instructor wants the link to the video on the document, you will have to look at the sharing videos via a link information in the TnTech Media Portal to get the link to the video.

NOTE: The video file sizes are too large to attempt to upload the actual MP4 video into the Assignment or Discussions tool. You will have to upload your video in Kaltura or elsewhere and link to it to submit the video in iLearn.

Take a Video Quiz

You will view the video as you normally do, but you will notified at the beginning of the video that there are questions associated. As you view the video, the questions will appear and you may have to answer them (depending on settings by the instructor) before the video will continue to play. Once you have taken the quiz, you cannot attempt it again unless the instructor is notified and deletes the first attempt.

Submit to a Media Gallery

This option is only necessary if the instructor specifically asks you to submit your media to the Media Gallery.

  • Go to the specific course and select Media Gallery
  • Select Add Media on the right side of the Media Gallery.
  • That will take you to the Media Selections page.
  • Check the box to the left of every video you would like to add to this specific course. 
    TIP: If you have lots of videos feel free to search for the appropriate ones using the search bar on the right.
  • After selecting the appropriate videos click Publish in the top right-hand corner and that will Publish the selected videos in that specific course.

NOTE: Your video will have to be approved by the instructor before it is visible to other students in the course.


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