Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a great tool to engage your class in real time. It allows you to conduct formative assessments, foster student engagement, increase the productivity of class discussions and incorporate it into your classroom presentations with a clicker-free student response system.

Access Poll Everywhere

Faculty Accounts

To get an account, please complete the request form.

* If you have a student account, you cannot request faculty-type access to Poll Everywhere. If you have questions, email us.

Faculty Resources

Download the Software for Poll Everywhere for:

** If you plan to use this in a classroom, please check ahead of time to make sure the software is installed. If not, contact the contact person to have them install the appropriate software. **

Want more help? A weekly interactive lesson on the basics of how to create a poll, customize polls, insert the slides into Powerpoint, and run reports. Every Thursday at 3pm CT.

Sign up for a webinar that covers the following:

  • adding students
  • fun ways to use Poll Everywhere in your class
  • reports

Student Resources

Students are only required to register for an account if the faculty require it to access their class polls. You can register for an account by going to www.polleverywhere.com and select the You're participating link.

Download the App

Download Polleverywhere App for Android Download Polleverywhere App for iOS

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