Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is an instructional technology tool that allows you to conduct formative assessments, foster student engagement through live polling, and increase the productivity of class discussions by providing an inclusive and easy to use discussion platform.  

Poll Everywhere can be used in each of the different course modalities and any classroom setting, from on-ground to Teams meetings. Its user-friendly technology creates a seamless transition to group discussion and allows presenters to facilitate real-time responses to polls or review earlier responses for discussion and review. You can use Poll Everywhere for your intro/exit quizzes, to poll the class for opinions, increase student engagement, or hold an open discussion throughout the session.  

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    Creating an Account & Logging In 

    All TN Tech users have access to Poll Everywhere. If you are and instructor of a course or would like to request special presenter access to Poll Everywhere, please complete the form below. Then, you will follow the instructions above to login through TechExpress. 


    After you have been approved for an account, you will receive an email invitation. You can follow the login instructions and find helpful guides and additional information by clicking on the "Faculty/Presenter" button above. 


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