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If you are using Poll Everywhere for a class, you will be sent an invitation by your instructor. 

There are multiple ways to access a poll presented by your instructor.

  1. Using a Smartphone - Download the App on your phone and login using your TN Tech account. Next, type the unique Activity response URL for your instructor in the Join presentation field, then click Join.
    The instructor will provide their unique URL.
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  2. Using SMS Texting - If you don't have a smartphone, you can also Text answers for certain types of polls.
    The texting numbers will be provided by the instructor, normally through a PowerPoint slide that integrates the poll.
  3. Using a Web Browser - Access the instructor polls using their Activity response URL that will begin with
    The instructor will provide their unique URL.

NOTE: If you are student or staff and you are teaching a class or would like to request special presenter access to Poll Everywhere, please complete the non-faculty account request form.

At Tennessee Tech University, we believe that all students should have equal technology opportunities in the classroom. The following list includes technologies that may appear in Tennessee Tech courses and the accessibility information for each of those technologies.

Poll Everywhere Accessibility Information

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