Academic Council


The Academic Council assists the president of Tennessee Technological University as follows:

A. By proposing actions to be taken, or legislating when authorized, on matters which relate to the total field of instruction. Such matters would include, inter alia, the following: freshman orientation, guidance and counseling, improvement of instruction, honor and probationary student loads, degree and degree requirements, testing programs, curricular needs, scholarships and awards, registration procedures, faculty workshops, English Qualifying Examinations, institutional policies relating to class attendance, adding and dropping courses, and security of examinations.

B. By receiving reports from and/or reviewing actions of and/or directing actions to be taken by the Admissions and Credits Committee; Committee on Commencement, Convocations, and Academic Ceremonies; Faculty Development Steering Committee; Faculty Research Committee; Graduate School Executive Committee; Interdisciplinary Studies and Extended Education Committee; Library Committee; Teacher Education Committee; University Curriculum Committee; University Research Advisory Committee; and such other committees as may be designated. The Academic Council may, in reviewing particular actions of the various committees reporting to it, direct further study by these committees pertaining to these actions.

C. By meeting in joint session with the Administrative Council as the University Assembly for Tennessee Technological University to consider such matters as may be designated by the President for review by the Assembly.



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