Teacher Education Committee


The Teacher Education Committee assists the Dean of the College of Education of Tennessee Technological University as follows 

a. By proposing action to be taken, or legislating when authorized, on matters which relate to the Teacher Education Program. Such matters would include, inter alia, the following:

Preparing and reviewing periodically a statement of the objectives of the institutional Teacher Education Program.
Studying and evaluating the effectiveness of curricula and procedures in relation to the needs of the teaching profession and considering and implementing needed changes in existing curricula, procedures, and organization suggested by results from such study.
Developing policies and establishing criteria with respect to admission of students in this program.
Developing policies and standards for the satisfactory completion of all teacher education curricula leading to recommendation for teacher certification.
b. By receiving and acting upon recommendations for additions, changes, or deletions in professional education courses. 
c. By receiving and acting upon recommendations for changes in existing teacher education curricula. 
d. By serving as a liaison between departments of the University so as to facilitate intercommunication on all matters pertaining to the education of teachers. 

Actions of the Teacher Education Committee involving course additions, course changes, and curriculum innovations dealing with undergraduate programs shall be submitted for approval by the Curriculum Committee. Actions relating to all other functions of the Teacher Education Committee are subject to review by the Academic Council and the President of the University. 

All decisions made by the Committee must be in accordance with the rules and regulations of the University, of the State Board of Education, and the policies adhered to by the Division of Teacher Certification, State Department of Education. All aspects of the program shall be in accordance with the "Standards for State Approval of Programs of Teacher Preparation" as adopted by the Tennessee State Board of Education, April, 1972.

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