Exercise Science

Online Education Specialist Degree
Ed.S. Curriculum & Instruction

Exercise Science Concentration

The Curriculum and Instruction Ed.S. concentration in exercise science provides an extensive background in physiology studies, learning theory, advanced research, and field experiences. A convenient and flexible program.

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Doctoral Degree

Ph.D. in Exceptional Learning

Health Behaviors & Wellness Education Concentration

This concentration offers cutting-edge, hands-on experiential courses along with related pedagogical methods and theory. The Ph.D. is an on-campus program.

Our research courses supply additional opportunities to study and address discipline-specific concerns. The comprehensive and novel design of the program, supplies students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to succeed professionally and lead change in health sciences and wellness disciplines.

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Program Contact

Dr. Christy Killman, Chair

931-372-3467 / 

Graduate Assistantships Available

These Ed.S. and Ph.D. degree concentrations are administered collaboratively by the Department of Exercise Science and the Department of Curriculum & Instruction.

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