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The focus of the program is to enhance professional skills in the selected area of study; therefore, coursework focuses on practical outcomes more than theoretical perspectives. Our graduates are equipped to provide high quality programs and to teach youth the importance and benefits of healthy lifestyles.

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Master's Degree Concentrations

  • Adapted Physical Education

    The program is designed for students interested in leading physical activity programs for individuals with disabilities.

    • SPED 6060 Education of Orthopedic and Motor Impaired
    • EXPW 6140 Assessment and Strategies for Adapted Physical Education
    • EXPW 6590 Field Experience
    • Electives 6 Hours

    Graduate Catalog: Adapted Physical Education

  • Elementary and Middle School Physical Education

    Elementary & Middle School Physical Education: This program is designed for students with a current license in physical education interested in pursuing additional study in the field.

    • EXPW 6210 Curriculum Design in Physical Education
    • EXPW 6350 Instructional Strategies for Physical Education
    • EXPW 6450 Middle School Physical Education
    • EXPW 6140 Assessment and Strategies for Adapted Physical Education
    • Elective 3 hours

    Graduate Catalog: Elementary and Middle School Physical Education

  • K-12 Licensure

    This program available for students seeking teaching certification.

    • Completion of the Elementary / Middle School Physical Education Master's program of study (see above).
    • Plus 20 credit hours (selected from the courses below):
      • EXPW 6100 Instruction in Physical Education
      • EXPW 6595 Field Experience in Physical Education
      • EXPW 6600 Special Topics or Other Approved Elective
      • EXPW 6881 Professional Seminar in Physical Education
      • EXPW 6880 Student Teaching
    • Admission to the Teacher Education Program
    • Successfully complete the Praxis exam for Physical Education and Health

  • Lifetime Wellness

    Is a program designed for students interested in health, wellness, or performance aspects of physical activity and training. This program focuses on practical applications rather than clinical rehabilitation.

    • EXPW 6042 Health Promotions
    • EXPW 6440 Physiology of Exercise
    • EXPW 5940 Fitness and Wellness
    • EXPW 6590 Field Experience
    • Elective 3 Hours

    Graduate Catalog: Lifetime Wellness

  • Sport Management

    This program (33 credit hours) is designed for students who desire an administrative career in the sports industry and/or with professional or college sports teams.

    • EXPW 6710 Leadership and Management in Sport
    • EXPW 6720 Legal, Ethical & Risk Issues
    • EXPW 6730 Administration and Supervision of Sport
    • EXPW 6740 Sport Marketing & Promotion
    • EXPW 6750 Design & Management of Sport Facilities
    • EXPW 6760 Internship in Sport Management

    Graduate Catalog: Sport Management

Basic Requirements, Core Courses, and Assistantships

  • Requirements and Core Courses

    Core Courses: 9 hours
    Research Component: 6 hours
    Concentration: 9-15 hours
    Guided Electives: 0-6 hours
    Total: 30 hours*

    *Sport Management concentration is 33 hours.

    Core Courses

    • EXPW 6230 Seminar in Exercise Science
    • EXPW 6240 Assessment in Sport, Physical Education and Wellness
    • EXPW 6250 Applied Motor Development and Motor Learning


    • EXPW 6510 Research Methods
    • EXPW 6520 Research Project (Prerequisite: EXPW 6510)


    • EXPW 5500 Perspectives in Physical Education
    • EXPW 5940 Fitness and Wellness
    • EXPW 6590 Field Experience
    • EXPW 6140 Assessment and Strategies for Adapted Physical Education
    • EXPW 6920 Topics in Physical Education & Wellness (1-6 hours)

  • Graduate Assistantships

    Students may apply for a graduate assistantship. Assistantships cover tuition, fees, and provide a monthly stipend.

    Our department currently offers assistantships in teaching, strength and conditioning, and Special Olympics administration.

    For an application for a paid Graduate Assistantship please drop by our office, Memorial Gym, Rm. 100, to pick up an application or visit the:

    College of Graduate Studies


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