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Commuter Parents

There is a lot that comes with being a commuter student. Your student is trying to find themselves and where they fit in academically. They are making connections with other students and trying to stay involved while living off-campus. Student Engagement is devoted to making your student’s college experience the best it can be. Like all students, commuter students should enjoy a full and gratifying college experience.

So, how can you help as a parent?

  • If your student will be a new Freshman next fall, attend parent orientation for your student. They will see value and feel supported by you, and you will learn about many opportunities available to your student.
  • If your student is a current student at Tech, encourage them to join the Off-Campus and Commuter Student Network.
  • Encourage your student to be involved with campus activities. Being involved in things on campus outside of the classroom will help them feel more connected to their peers, find mentors and advisors, and feel a sense of belonging within the campus community.
  • While your student may still live at home it is important for them to make connections with other students. Don’t be discouraged if they are hanging out with their friends instead of being at home. You will continue to be a large part of your student’s life, but it is important to help them take this time to grow into responsible adults.
  • Stay connected with your student by showing interest in their academics and activities. Let them know about opportunities that you learn of through the Parent and Family Association or Tennessee Tech social media. Students have a lot of information to keep up with, and you may be able to help them learn about opportunities and feel confident in pursuing them.

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