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Computer Science graduates go on to careers with a varied number of titles, including software engineer, systems analyst, software developer, web developer, security analyst and the like. The salaries of graduates are among the highest for bachelor’s degrees, as you will find from sources like US News and World Report. reports that Computer Science graduates rank #19, #33, #74, #105, and #138 out of the top #403 highest paying jobs with a Bachelor's degree.

19. Computer Science (CS) & Engineering (Early Career Pay $74,000)
33. Computer Science (CS) (Early Career Pay $68,800)
74. Information & Computer Science (Early Career Pay $81,400)
105. Computer Science & Information Technology (Early Career Pay $61,400)
138. Applied Computer Science (Early Career Pay $55,300)

For the range of salaries from fresh graduates to mid and late career according to graduates with different job titles, see the following link.


US News reports that computing related careers are among the Top 25 Best Jobs of 2019. With Software Developer leading the top of the chart for the second year in a row. "Software developers typically have college degrees in computer science or a related discipline. Employment opportunities in the field are soaring; they’re expected to increase by more than 30 percent by 2026. That means the creation of 255,400 jobs."

1. Software Developer
Median Salary: $101,790

Finally, a recent report by indicated that Tennessee Tech University graduates are #6 of the 39 amongst Tennessee Public Universities listed, with jobs for Software Engineering averaging around $73,800.

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