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Tech has a strong record in the cyber security field with the Cybersecurity Education, Research and Outreach Center (CEROC). Now, Associate Professor of Decision Sciences and Management, Deborah Ballou, and Associate Professor of Computer Science, Doug Talbert, have taken the lead to nurture a space on Tech’s campus to build the skills of students interested in data science, find ways to use big data effectively, and ultimately address the growing need for skilled data scientists.

The collaborative will be a source for data science services in which Tech students will be involved in experiential learning opportunities working with clients while also engaging in cutting edge research.

Tech has two academic programs that relate directly to the field of data science: a business intelligence and analytics concentration within the Department of Decision Sciences and Management and a data science concentration within the Department of Computer Science.

Because of the synergies between the programs in each college, the centralized collaboration and innovation space will become common ground for majors from business and engineering. Ballou and Talbert also see the efforts as a resource for prospective employers seeking graduates with strong data science skills.

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