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Leadership In Education to Accelerate Direction

In today’s workplace, there is a great need for strong leaders to guide highly skilled professionals as they face global challenges with an intensity not previously seen nor recognized. Excellent leadership is crucial to team and organizational success.

We’ve taken traditional leadership development and turned it on its head, creating a pathway that lifts students of all ages and backgrounds. 

Our customized LEAD <C/S> program for students in the Department of Computer Science takes a deep dive into the major components of strong leadership skills and mindsets: 

    • Self-awareness
    • Environmental awareness
    • Formal mentorship
    • Values and culture
    • Conversational dialogue
    • Empathy
    • Ethics
    • Relationship building

Through an interactive experience with the support of faculty, student participants gain a “whole human” approach to foundational leadership skills during their college career and as they launch into their first professional roles. One of our goals in the Department of Computer Science is to see students become strong leaders and rise as the best new team members industry could desire to have. First-rate leaders strive to be at the forefront of change and learning, and LEAD helps them accomplish that. 

For more information on the LEAD <C/S> program, contact us via email to:


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