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Cybersecurity Concentration

Why consider Cybersecurity as a Career?

  • Cyber War is becoming the new trend...So, DEFEND you nation in cyberspace (better option than physical war) -Google USCYBERCOM
  • 77% of population in USA are victims or know a victim of cyber crime (as per recent studies)
  • Average cost to ONE company per year for cyber crime: $12.7 million (as per recent studies)
  • USA is the No.1 ranked country in the world with the most attack sources and attack victims (as per recent studies)
  • The demand for cyber security professionals grew 91% during the 4 years from 2010 to 2014
  • The U.S. Cyber Command seeks 5,000 cybersecurity professionals
  • The federal government will need 10,000 cybersecurity experts in the near future
  • Number of information security professionals worldwide are expected to increase to almost
  • 4.24 million in the near future
  • Average salary is $87,000

Why study Cybersecurity at Tennessee Tech?

  • Tech offers undergraduate CS concentration in cybersecurity
  • Tech offers graduate CS program (MS and PhD) in cybersecurity 
  • Our program is on its way to get certified by the National Security Agency and department of Homeland Security
  • Tech houses Cybersecurity Education, Research and Outreach Center -Google Tennessee Tech CEROC
  • We are working on getting federal students scholarships to study cybersecurity (covers all tuition + very generous stipends + direct opportunity to work for government and national labs)
  • We have CyberEagles student club with many opportunities and activities. -Google Tennessee Tech CyberEagles
  • Out security body of work are nationally recognized. Check out our projects at CEROC

Here is a link for the Curriculum for Cybersecurity Concentration



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