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Computer Science

Masters Program

Our MS degree program in Computer Science is driven by three distinct needs that are fueled by the growth in training needed for technological companies, research labs, and civil service. These needs include:

• Opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in advanced studies and research before entering the workforce,
• Opportunities for personnel from surrounding industries to upgrade their professional skills, and
• A strong academic program that prepares graduates to pursue a terminal (PhD) degree in Computer Science.

To meet the needs listed above, we have established the following program objectives and learning outcomes for our MS program:

Program objectives:

  1. CS MS graduates will have the technical competence needed to engage in successful careers in industry, research, and public service. 
  2. CS MS graduates will have the skills needed for effective technical communication.  
  3. CS MS graduates will have the ability pursue independent lifelong learning.
  4. The program will maintain an appropriate minimum graduation rate by averaging at least five MS graduates per year. 

Learning outcomes: 

  1. CS MS graduates will demonstrate a breadth of knowledge across the discipline of computer science including both the practice and theory of computer science. 
  2. CS MS graduates will demonstrate a depth of knowledge in their chosen area of specialization. 
  3. CS MS graduates will demonstrate knowledge of techniques, synthesis, and application of computer science research. 

Learn how you can earn credits towards your Master's while you are a Undergraduate student at our Fast-Track Program here.


Information regarding the Master's Program Curriculum and Admission can be found by following these links:

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 MS Student Publications 

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