Mechanical Engineering

Laboratory Safety Test Procedure

No individual shall work in any laboratory unless directly supervised by a departmental faculty or staff member. Direct supervision shall be considered to be a faculty member or staff member present in the laboratory or shop in which the work is being conducted.

No individual shall operate equipment in any laboratory or shop until the appropriate examinations are passed and/or demonstrations are observed by faculty or lab technician.

At the present time, the following lab safety examinations must be taken by all students utilizing Mechanical Engineering laboratories and shops:

  1. Electrical Safety
  2. Fire Extinguisher
  3. Flammable and Combustible
  4. Hand Tools
  5. Housekeeping
  6. PPE
  7. Compressed Gas Cylinders (Baja SAE Team requirement)


Please visit the following Safety Training Test link, select the RLS Training Tab on a Tennessee Tech computer and follow the listed instructions:

Safety Training Test Link

Safety Test Routing Form

Important Note: Download and attach to safety tests for signature by Professor or Advisor.

Once tests have been completed, please print each test document, sign and date on the Employee Signature line of each test and attach all test(s) to the Safety Test Routing Form. Present to your professor or club/team advisor for verification and signature.

Once the tests have been reviewed, verified and have been signed and dated by the student and professor or team/club advisor, bring entire packet, with all signatures, to Mechanical Engineering Outreach Office, Brown Hall Room 230.

Safety tests will be logged and placed in your student file.


All accidents that require medical attention must be reported immediately to a faculty or staff member.

Accident report forms are available in the Mechanical Engineering Department Office and must be completed for all accidents.

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