Senior Capstone Design Projects

Lab Location: Brown Hall Room 118

Coordinator: Andy Pardue

Senior Capstone Lab 1

The Senior Capstone Design Project is comprised of two courses in the Mechanical Engineering curriculum (ME 4410 and ME 4420). All Mechanical Engineering Students are required to take these courses. As part of the course and lab, students are provided with experience in the use of mechanical engineering design for the solution of engineering problems. Students work in a team format on selected mechanical engineering projects emphasizing both mechanical systems and thermal science design aspects. Important parts of the two semester-long design projects are: a formal project proposal, design analysis report, engineering drawings, project construction, and project testing. Formal written and oral presentations of results are made at the completion of the project. Time scheduling and project costs are also important considerations.

Upon completion of this class, the student will be able to:

  1. Engage in the various elements of the engineering design process
  2. Complete a group-based, hands-on, capstone design project
  3. Employ basic computer-based data acquisition
  4. Use programmable logic controllers and ladder-based programming
  5. Work in a team environment on an engineering design project
  6. Determine the potential impact of ethical and societal concerns on the engineer and engineering design process
  7. Prepare and delivery/submission of a written report(s) and an oral presentation
  8. Communicate with a variety of "nonacademic" contacts (e.g. technicians, vendors, and other professionals for the purpose of gaining factual information and making component purchases)
Senior Design Lab Senior Design Lab
Senior Design Lab Senior Design Lab

Capstone Projects by Semester

Senior capstone design combines the principles of engineering with emphasis on contemporary industrial design processes and engineering economics with applications in product design. Students begin with the development phase in ME 4410 with the preliminary design, supporting analysis and drawings with bill of materials. In ME 4420, the student teams will continue with prototyping and testing phases for the capstone project.


Fall 2017

Spring 2017

Spring 2016

Spring 2015

Spring 2014

Fall 2013

Fall 2017


DENSO GroupTeam Members: Joshua Martin, Luke Shattuck, Nicholas Russell, Justin Kuhn and Darrell Marlow

Solar Car - Group 1

Solar Car Group 1Team Members: Jonathan Stepp, Matthew Owens, Adam Rob, Levi Eskola, James McCracken and Steven Brandley

Solar Car - Group 2

Solar Car - Group 2Team Members: John Webb, Brendan Fraser, Collin Newman, Alexander Dye and Seth Williams

Tensile Frame

Tensile FrameTeam Members: Daniel Hott, Dakota Strange and Devin Doty

Vacuum Former

Vacuum FormerTeam Members: Garrett Caldwell, Dayla Donegan, Adam DeGardeyn, Wyatt Stewart, Aldo Arroyo and Tyler Qualls

Spring 2017

Assessment of Critical Infrastructure

Assessment of Critical InfrastructureTeam Members: Robert Ponder, Anthony Lark, Kyle Baker, Daniel Foote, Miranda McConnell and Benjamin Hargis

Briggs-Stratton Engine Optimization

Briggs-Stratton Engine OptimizationTeam Members: James Isom, Hunter Harris, Matthew Owens, Jon Cardenas and Robert Myers

Calf Catcher

Calf CatcherTeam Members: Adam Heatherly, Fawaz Alfadhli, Annemarie Noland, Salman Alshammari and Yousef Alkafeef

CNC Kendama Milling Table

CNC Kendama Milling TableTeam Members: Justin Conner, Alberto Esteban Linares, Clint Martin, Tyler Edwards, Nick Russell, Traven Proveaux and Brian Kauffman

Fuel Testing Kit - Group 1

Fuel Testing Kit - Group 1Team Members: Sam Lariviere, Ryan Conway, Sam Epley, Chujie Shen, Zhenliang Sun and Cong Hoan Nguyen

Fuel Testing Kit - Group 2

Fuel Sampling Kit - Group 2Team Members: Mohammad Alsediqi, Abdulrahman Almutairi, Andrew Schussler, Matt Light, Josh Watkins and Mohammad Alkarbi David Zuluaga

Human Powered Vehicle Team

Pedal-Powered GeneratorTeam Members: Caleb Blackwell, Ellen Schultz, Lindsey Grissom, Dakota Bell, Sean Harvey, Arthur Rogers and Giovanni Mainardi

Remote Controlled Boat

Remote Controlled BoatTeam Members: Cory Davenport, Mitchell Henderson, Scott Proffitt, Matthew Braisted, John Martin and Austin Garrabrant

TRV Test Bench

TRV Test BenchTeam Members: Jacob Lackey, Andrew Thammavongsa, Jonathan Matlock, Noah Pratt, Eric Umphrey and Rodney Etienne

Vintage Motorcycle Starter

Vintage Motorcycle StarterTeam Members: Chris Parker, Lucas Houge, Andrew Doyka, Jeremy Sharer, Hazza Alumtairi and Derrick Cantrell

Volleyball Blocking Device - Group 1

Volleyball Blocking Device - Group 1Team Members: Josh Walker, Will Ripley, Bradley Cheatham, Marsalis Pullen, Jeremiah West and Michaela Stockdale

Volleyball Blocking Device - Group 2

Volleyball Blocking Device - Group 2Team Members: Yousef Alenezi, Dr. Jie Cui, Mohammad Alrashidi, Bahar Alshammari, Talal Almutairi, Faisal Keraidis, Fahid Alajmi and Rakan Almutairi

Spring 2016

Curb Hopper - Wheel Chair

Curb Hopper - Wheel ChairTeam Members: Ryan Burns, Dylan Cotter, Austin Carroll, Fahad Alanezi and Collin Scherdell

Cutting Plastic Filter

Cutting Plastic FilterTeam Members: Jutin Thomas, William Spivey, Ben Beauchamp, Nick West and Rudy Beaty

Experimental Test Bed

Experimental Test BedTeam Members: Will Duke, Hunter Staggs, Matthew Powelson, Will Schenk and Chase Adcock

Magnus Effect RC Plane

Magnus Effect RC PlaneTeam Members: Jeremy Betzler, Alex Welcome, Jacob Barbee, Bander Allweemi and Ted Reed

Nanopositioning System

Nanopositioning SystemTeam Members: Ryan Hintz, Autin Jenkins, Alex Dvorak, Paul Summers and Chris McBrydge

Priming Test Pump

Priming Test PumpTeam Members: Joshua East, Greyson Moffatt, Jose Mejia, Jacob Balfe and Cummins Representatives

Tiny House Prototype

Tiny House PrototypeAllena Ward, Dr. Meenakshi Sundaram, Zack Gray, Derakhshhandeh, Hossein, Amy Fricks and Justin Swafford

Uganda Water Well Project

Uganda Water Well ProjectTeam Members: Robert Jones, Benjamin Rentschler, Vance Bogard, Phillip Chesser and Riley Collins

Welding Process Group 4

Welding Process Group 4Team Members: Austin Gray, Chase King, Christopher Harris, Jared Davis and Elliot Normand

Welding Process

Welding Process Group 4Team Members: Latif Alrashidi, Michael Kostrub, Sulaiman Almbuyyidh

Spring 2015

3D Printing Vending Machine

3D Printing Vending MachineTeam Members: Scott Hill, Jordan Blackburn, David Chesson, Samantha White and Robert Walker

All Terrain Quad Bike

All Terrain Quad BikeTeam Members: Jamie Sharp, Garrett Melton, Mitchell Meek, Caleb Wilson, Brandon Garrett and Jonathan Thomas

Center Tube Testing Device

Diesel Fuel Heater AssemblyTeam Members: Kyle Willoughby, Michael Rainey, David Sierra, Ben VanWinkle and Logan Gott

Diesel Fuel Heater Assembly

Diesel Fuel Heater AssemblyTeam Members: Justin Brewer, Ethan Smelcer, Abanoub Riyad, Ben Rogers and Mohamad Al Mokhadm

Kayak Launch System

Kayak Launch SystemTeam Members: Zachary Dew, Bradley Norris, Joshua Wyatt, Ali Alshamrani and Joshua Bryant

Model of Compressor for Heat Pump

Model of Compressor for Heat PumpTeam Members: Max McLaughlin, Justin Page, Brandon Testerman, Ethan Brown and Scott Stansford

Retrieval System for 3D Printing Kiosk

Retrieval System for 3D Printing KioskTeam Members: Heath Phillips, Steven Duong, R.J. Penpek, Andrew Holden and Kaitlyn Keen

Spin Weld Testing Device

Spin Weld Testing DeviceTeam Members: Amos Myers, Hoang Le, Seth Reardon, Peter Messiha, Andrew Gardner and Matthew Sisk

Umbrella Valve Pressure Tester

Umbrella Valve Pressure TesterTeam Members: Daniel Rossie, Michael Newton, Braden Maphet, Tyler McDonald and Jacob Coffey

Spring 2014

3D Scanning System

3D Scanning SystemTeam Members: Yeshi Dohmann, Kyle Spalding, Dustin Ryion, Kevin Lutz and Austin Scheyer

Active Water Generation System

Active Water Generation SystemTeam Members: Jonathan Thompson, Stephen Zuccaro and Ian Woods

Cummins Slurry Cart

Cummins Slurry CartTeam Members: Zach Salada, Charles Shoemake, Alex Prohaska, Quinten Bowersox, Bret Noel and Curtis Boggs

Dynamometer Trailer System

Dynamometer Trailer SystemTeam Members: Nicole Claiborne, Kavan McAlpin, Jarrett Snyder, Kendall Hall, Matthew McTaggart and Lewis Pumpelly

Elephant Warming Hut

Elephant Warming HutTeam Members: Morris Hite, Ben Stevens, Nadar Naim, Ramy El-Hamarnah and Carolyn Bentley

Passive Water Collection System

Passive Water Collection SystemTeam Members: Joshua Castellaw, Vincent Guilliams, Jr., Christian Wells, Wesley Wheeler and Matt Blaylock

Robotic Assembly Cell Part-Nest Transfer System

Robotic Assembly Cell Part-Nest Transfer SystemTeam Members: Austin Cook, Zach Lane, Tommy Hazelwood and Matt Middleton

Stage 1 and 2 Filtration Stand

Stage 1 and 2 Filtration StandTeam Members: Glen Nabors, Michael Hao, Emily Williams, Kyle Wilson, Josh Randles and Seth Bradburn

Table Top Injection Molding Machine

Table Top Injection Molding MachineTeam Members: Rachel Crane, Ben Toline, Gage Babb, Sam Keener, James Guttery and Coty Thorpe

Universal Machine Retrofit

Universal Machine RetrofitTeam Members: Adam Pylant, Travis Vowell, James Dooley, Dhru Patel, Tanner Cook and Stephen Simmons

Fall 2013

3D Printing

3D PrintingTeam Members: Amber Butcher, Daniel Hamblen, Albert Painter and Hannah Ross

One of the fastest growing technologies of the 21st century is 3D printing. 3D printing is a method of depositing material in successive layers to create complex structures. Fused Deposition Material (FDM) printing is the most common type of 3D printing. In the FDM method a spool of thermoplastic is fed through a heated nozzle, and the heated plastic is deposited onto the build plate in a thin layer. This layer quickly cools, allowing the next layer to build on top of it. This method is often used in rapid prototyping applications. However, rapid prototyping is not the only command application of 3D printing; the use of 3D printing areas outside of manufacturing has become increasingly widespread over the past decade. Biomedical applications are a particulary promising frontier for 3D printing.

Hand-Powered Tricycle

Hand-Powered TricycleTeam Members: Nick DiAngelo, Chris Kirk, Isaiyas Marroquin, Marquis Merritt, Justin White and Chris Wright

Handicapped individuals have difficulty developing strength and motor skills to the level of able-bodied people. That is why this hand-powered tricycle was proposed. By designing and building this simple machine, individuals with special needs will be able to ride a bike in a way similar to able-bodied people. It will also help them develop strength, balance, and gross motor skills while having fun in the process. Reaching out to the community procides a way for the group to improve the lives of many children over several years to come.

Hot Ball Machine

Hot Ball MachineTeam Members: Spencer Artz, Harold Balthrop, Justin Lewis, Michael Mason, Joshua Moser and Garrett Perry

WestCrete Building Systems is a startup company that has developed panels for building more efficient, weatherproof homes (commercial and residential). One of their current processes for constructing these panels is less than desirable and a new process needs to be developed. The process under review is making the holes in the foam that is used in the fabrication of the panels. Currently the use of ball bearings is utilized by heating them in a turkey fryer and placing them on the foam. Even though this method does produce satisfactory holes through thin portions of foam, it is still not ideal for large scale production. Induction heating and resistance heating are just two examples of safer, more efficient ways of heating. Also, there are additional methods that could be used to make the holes such as drilling or even heated rods. These processes are examined and tested for the purposes for this project.

Hot-Wire Machine for WestCrete

Hot-Wire Machine for WestCreteTeam Members: Thomas Burks, Steven Childers, Nick East, William McMillen, Andrew C Nix and Jo Thompson

WestCrete, an innovative construction company, specializing in building tornado proof structures, is currently using two separate processes to cut the foam they use in fabricating wall and roof panels. They desire this cut to be made in one process. The proposed method for modifying the foam is a hot-wire cutting assembly, which will precisely cut and cauterize the foam. In order to obtain the desired mitered and gable angles in the foam, and adjustable hot-wire atached to a rigid table must be designed. With this design WestCrete will have an assembly that precisely cuts the two angles simultaneously, therefore more efficiently. The amount of labor WestCrete currently uses to make the cuts will be reduced in half by this design. The designed proposed will accomplish all goals and restraints given by WestCrete.

OSB Drilling

OSB DrillingTeam Members: Tim Avello, Alex Bagoli, Chance Holt, Zach Medina, Jie Tang and John Till

WestCrete is a young company with a new and innovative idea for residential construction. They currently are developiong a method to build houses out of concrete. The average house is 2,500 square foot and will cost approximately $250,000 to $375,000. Oriented strand board (OSB) is used in the siding of the house. The typical OSB used in constructing a house is .5" or .042' thick. This means that a house uses 378 cubic feet of OSB. The objective of this project is to efficiently drill holes in the OSB board. The design and construction of an automated machine to drill precise dimensioned holes would cut down on man power and time spent on each OSB board, which is currently drilled by hand. The design will utilize drills that will automatically drop and rise to cut the desired holes simultaneously with the correct spacing between holes. Once the drills are raised a worker will move the OSB a desired amount to achieve the required offset between holdes, and drill a new set. This process will significantly cut down time spent per board which will save WestCrete a considerable amount of money.

WastAway Combustible Materials Separator

WastAway Combustible Materials SeparatorTeam Members: Joshua Blair, Mark Staussberger, Robby Brown, Andrew Redmon, Lance Bailey and Ethan Livingston

The task assigned to this team is to design and construct a small-scale prototype process that will effectivley spearate combustible and noncombustible materials. The combustible materials will then be sent back through a previous process for further refinement while the noncombustible materials will be recycled separately.

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