Center for Energy Systems Research

Scale Power Grid Testbed

Presented here is a brief list of actual equipment, stations, or sub testbeds within the laboratory which could be utilized for a variety of new research projects.

  • 3 large generators (>10 Hp) (Several more are available in an unfinished state)
  • 5 small generators (<1 Hp)
  • Transmission line emulators (Pi circuits) Can emulate transmission lines or distribution lines depending on lump circuit values chosen
  • Resistance loads
  • Motor loads
  • 12 Smart Meters set up for instrumentation and protection
  • PLC control of contactors utilizing Alarm signals from meters
  • More meters available for future expansion
  • National Instruments DAQ for currents, voltages, generator speeds, switch control, etc.
  • Custom developed SCADA system based on NI LabVIEW Data Supervisory Control (DSC)
  • Wind emulator
  • Solar emulator
  • Real-time digital simulators
  • Custom developed intelligent agents for resilient grid operation
  • Computer controlled switches/contactors for smart grid construction
  • Synchronized connection of various power sources
  • Researcher created faults and disturbances
  • Researcher or algorithm disconnection of loads, sources, power line sections
  • Substation Testbed
  • Sensor development and testing
  • Unmanned Autonomous Systems (UAS) for inspection and preventive maintenance purposes of the physical assets of the real-world power grid.

 Generator and PrimemoverGenerator and PrimemoverSmart MetersSmart Meters

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