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Faculty Senate

Statement of Purpose

The Faculty Senate serves as a representative voice of the teaching and research faculty.  It provides a forum for the free discussion of any issue of interest or of concern to members of the faculty.  It also serves in an advisory capacity by conveying the results of such discussions to the administrative officers and to the faculty.

 Executive Committee

Photo of Holly Stretz  President
  Holly Stretz
  Chemical Engineering


Photo of Jeannette Wolak  President-Elect
  Jeannette Wolak
  Earth Sciences




Photo of Sandi Smith-Andrews  Past President
  Sandi Smith-Andrews
  Curriculum & Instruction




Kris Craven  Secretary
  Kristine Craven
  General and Basic Engineering




Faculty Senate Cabinet



Holly Stretz President and Head of Cabinet
Jeannette Wolak President-elect
Sandi Smith-Andrews Immediate Past President
Kris Craven Secretary
Sally Pardue Board of Trustees Representative
Troy Smith Active Member and Past President
Christy Killman Active Member and Past President
Brian O'Connor Active Member and Past President
Jeff Roberts Active Member and Past President


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