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Golden Eagle Marching Band Drill Spot Reservation Form

Please provide the information requested below. Please type your answers carefully and read the prompts for each box. Please use correct capitalization, punctuation and spelling. This information MUST be accurate so that we can assign drill spots and plan for the fall season. You MUST also be registered for the Marching Band Class: MUS1033-001 (CRN: 81824). Thank you!

Where your parents/ guardians reside
Where your parents/ guardians reside
Don't forget the area code. Please use this format: (123) 456-7899
Please provide your TN Tech email address. If you haven't been assigned one (new students), please provide your personal email address.
Your Major
Choose from the list below.
If you plan to live on campus, we need to know the name of the building in which you will reside. If you don't know the name at this time, please type "TBA." If you live off campus, please type "Off Campus."
Instrument You Want to Play in the Golden Eagle Marching Band
This is your major instrument or the one you play best.
Year in School
This is your grade level during the coming school year (2019-2020).
Someone we can contact around-the-clock in case of emergency.
Please provide the person's name associated with the Emergency Cell Number you provided and their relation to you. Example: Francis Williams - Aunt.
T-Shirt Size
T-shirts are typically 100% cotton and will shrink slightly during the first couple of washes--especially if you dry them on high heat. If you're unsure, guess bigger!

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