Assignment Statistics in iLearn

The Assignment tool does not have specific overall statistics, but they do have logs for the assignment and the submissions.

Accessing Assignment Submission Logs

Assignment Event Log – shows whenever an Assignment is Created, Deleted, or Restored by an Instructor of a course.

  1. To access this log, go to Assignments and select the More Actions button
  2. Choose Event Log

Assignment Submission Log – shows information about when a student Started or Submitted an assignment. Also available in these logs are Deleted and Restored logs for when an instructor deletes a student submission or needs to Restore that submission.

  • File Submission assignments (individual and group) will show all options if available.
  • Text Submission assignments only show when they were Submitted.
  • Observed in Person and On Paper Submissions will not have this log file.
  • To access this log, go to the Assignments and select the assignment you want to view. Choose the Submission Log button at the top of the page.

Downloading Student Submission Files for Your Records (or Offline Grading)

  • Go to the Assignments list and select the assignment you want to view.
  • Select the top checkbox in the list of student submissions.
  • Choose the Download button above the list of students.
  • A dialog box appears and once they download file is created, you will see a Download
  • Select the Download button and save the file.
  • This is a ZIP file so you will need to extract the files to view/edit them. This file also includes an Index.html file that has a list of all the students who submitted the assignment, their filename, the date and time of submission, and any comments made by the student.

NOTE: This does not export the grades for the assignment, only the original submissions by the students.