New Features & Updates

iLearn Updates & Information

This page has a summary of the highlighted updates and information from different release notes. To view all information about the monthly Release Notes, you can go to the Brightspace Community.

Updates occur around the 20th of the month they are released.

  • February 2024

    Branded Footer on main page 
    A Powered by D2L Brightspace footer now appears on select pages in Brightspace. These pages include homepages and Insights Portal Dashboard. 

    Data Hub  
    New columns added to Course Copy Log and LTI Links Brightspace data sets. 

    Question Library  
    The question mark (?) icon that appears next to questions in Question Library is removed to prevent visual clutter. However, the folder icon that appears in Question Library next to each section remains. 

  • January 2024

    Assignments & Discussions 
    There is an improved tooltip for reporting evaluation errors, which now reads "There is one or more errors in the information entered" rather than "There are invalid grades on this page". The tooltip appears when a user enters over 300,000 characters into the Overall Feedback field or enters an invalid grade into the Grade field. 

    Students can now export their earned awards in a standards-compliant format using the new Export Digital Credential option. This feature allows the download of certificates or badges as an industry-standard Open Badges 2.0 compliant Badge for their own record keeping or sharing.  

    Brightspace Editor 
    The Insert Stuff > My Computer file picker now allows instructors to drag and drop file uploads from the user’s computer. 

    Written response questions remain as pending evaluation until being manually graded. If a written response question is not graded, the status shows a pending evaluation message for the learner view. In the learner view, learners always see the message "This question has not been graded" until the instructor grades the question.