Class & Student Progress in iLearn

Class Progress

The Class Progress tool tracks your student’s overall progress as a course and individually.

Access Class Progress

  1. Go to the course
  2. Select either
    1. Course Tools, or
    2. Course Management – Course Admin
  3. Choose Class Progress

Edit Progress Indicators

Only four progress indicators will be visible at a time, you can change these whenever you like.

  1. While in Class Progress, select Settings in the upper right
  2. Select the arrow to the right of the indicator you want to change.
  3. Choose Replace
  4. Select the option you would like to view
  5. Click Save and Close

More information about the Class Progress tool.

Student Progress

You can drill down to viewing the student’s progress from the Class Progress or the Classlist. This shows more detail about what the particular student has done in the course.

Access Student Progress

  1. From the Class Progress tool, select the specific student to view
  2. From Course Tools – Classlist, select the arrow to the right of the student and choose View Progress

Viewing Student Progress

The student progress tool has information about different tools in the course, plus login history information.

  • Summary – shows a summary of the overall items and tools listed.
  • Grades – shows a visual representation and expandable box to view what grades and feedback, if applicable, that a student has received.
  • Objectives – This option is only available if you setup and used the Competencies tool.
  • Content – shows a summary of the Content items visited and how much time was spent viewing them.
  • Discussions – shows a breakdown of each Forum and Topic in a course and how many posts were read, created and replied to.
  • Assignments – shows a summary of the student’s submissions, feedback and grades earned.
  • Quizzes – shows a summary of the student’s quiz attempts with grades and links to attempt details.
  • Checklist – if using Checklists, view the summary of which checklists have been completed.
  • Surveys – shows a summary of Surveys and if the student completed the attempt. This only lists Surveys that are not setup where results are anonymous.
  • Course Access – this information includes each time the student has logged into your course specifically in the last 30 days.
  • Login History – this information indicates when the students logged into the iLearn system, not the course.
  • System Access History – this information indicates when the student accessed the system using a browser or the Pulse app.
    • Absent Period – indicates the number of days since the learner last logged into iLearn.