Using Grade Schemes in iLearn

By default, iLearn has a grade scheme called “Percentage” and it is setup where only percentage grades show. The ranges are 0-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80-89, 90-100. This does not show a letter grade (you can do that though if you create your own scheme).

In iLearn, you have the ability to create a custom grade scheme that shows a letter grade, pass/fail, or other possibilities. You can create a scheme to apply to all grades in the course or just to specific grade items.

Creating a New Grade Scheme

  1. Go to Grades
  2. Select Schemes at the top of grades area.
  3. Select New Scheme
  4. Enter a Name (this can be whatever you like). In this example, I will use Letter Grade.
  5. Under the Ranges, the default is 3 ranges. We want to do 5 ranges so we will need to add ranges.
  6. Below the range table, enter 2 in the Number of Ranges box and click Add Ranges.
  7. The ranges are entered from the lowest to highest.
    • Column 1, #, shows how many ranges there are in the scheme.
    • Column 2, Symbol, (required) is where you enter the grade scheme symbol. For example, ABCDF, Pass/Fail, etc.
    • Column 3, Start %, (required) is where you enter the starting value of the specific range.
    • Column 4, Color, allows you to associate a color with a grade range to quickly identify how people are doing.
    • Column 5, Assigned Value %, this is not required, but if you assign the grade based on letter, it would be the numeric grade assigned when choosing the letter grade.
    • Column 6, allows you to delete a range.
  1. Click Save and Close

Make the Grade Scheme Default for the Course

This option will make the scheme the default for the entire gradebook.

  1. Go to Grades
  2. Select Schemes
  3. Select the arrow to the right of the scheme under the Set as Default

Associating a Final Grade or Specific Grade Item to a Grade Scheme

This option allows you to use different types of grade schemes for different grade items. For example: the default for the course can be ABCDF, but a specific assignment is Pass/Fail.

  1. Go to Grades
  2. Select the arrow to the right of the grade item where you would like to associate the scheme.
  3. Choose Edit
  4. Scroll down and select the appropriate scheme from Grade Scheme drop-down.
  5. Click Save and Close.

Using the Grade Scheme Symbol

You can customize what shows for the students in terms of a numeric grade or the designated grade scheme symbol, or both. You can do this at the gradebook level or specifically for a grade item. Learn more about managing the gradebook views.