Learning Management System Software Demos

With the recent changes in the TBR and the new Focus Act, the previous TBR associated four year universities have found this new autonomy means consideration of many software contracts that were shared with TBR. We have released a Learning Management System (LMS) RFP to look at our contract for our current system we call iLearn, that is powered by D2L Brightspace. We had three companies come to Tennessee Tech to demonstrate their software based on the specifications in the proposal.

This is a very important decision for our campus.

Demo Videos

The on-site demos are complete. If you missed one or more, please view the demo videos below and complete the ranking survey to give us your feedback.

Demo Site Test Accounts 

Faculty/Staff only

We asked each of the companies to setup a demo site with some accounts for our faculty to access and try the systems from an instructor perspective. We have setup a page with login information for each system which includes test account usernames and passwords. You will be prompted to login using your Tennessee Tech account credentials.


We will provide the student test account and login information within iLearn.

Please Complete the Ranking Survey

The survey is now closed. 

We appreciate your participation in this process and value your opinions.