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10,080 Minutes

Time is your most limited and valuable resource, and there are only 10,080 minutes in a week. Without a plan, it becomes very easy for time to slip away from you without even realizing it. With these tips and resources, you can plan your week more effectively to reach your goals.

  • Budget your Time. Use this time budgeting worksheet from the Launchpad Student Success Center (download here) to map out your week and plan ahead. It may help to log your time throughout the week to complete this exercise.

  • Limit technology use. Take advantage of the screen time report available on your smart phone to track how much time you spend on your phone and which apps are stealing most of your time and attention. Consider programming “down-time” in your settings to limit your screen time.

  • Write out the essentials. What are your non-negotiables? These are the tasks you must finish by a specific date. Write them down in your planner or calendar and delegate them to a specific time.

  • Say “no.” You owe it to yourself to allocate your time the way you want. If you know you don’t want to do something, don’t have time to or don’t have the money to, say so! If you are unsure, say you’ll think about it and follow up once you’ve had adequate time to decide.

  • Fuel up. Don’t neglect your physical health! Life can get busy as a full-time student with other part-time obligations. It is essential to schedule time away from your work to eat nutritious food and be active. These healthy habits will give you more energy to do the non-negotiables and positively reinforce your goals.

  • Refresh with the weekend. What do you enjoy? You owe it to yourself! It is important to make time for enjoyment to prevent “burnout.” Doing too much will only make it harder for you to accomplish your non-negotiables and your long-term goals. Plan your week to have time off to yourself with vital self-care. Good examples of self-care include journaling, taking a bubble bath, sitting in nature, reading a book or spending time with someone you love.


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