Keeping Your Academic Stride Strong

Getting through mid-term exams can be challenging. Keeping yourself in a schedule, managing the changing class delivery methods and keeping up with your assignments, amongst other things can be stressful to get straightened out. If you haven’t learned already, the key to success in college is proper time management and staying engaged in your classes. Tennessee Tech has a number of resources to ensure you are successful during your time here. Below are a few resources and tips we highly encourage you to take advantage of.

  • Stay engaged in class. Staying engaged in your lectures is important to understanding the material the first time it’s heard. If you are watching your lectures virtually, set a designated space with no distractions to ensure you are listening and not getting distracted. Ask your professor questions on material you don’t understand, it will let your professor know you are paying attention, and odds are other students in the class may have the same question!

  • Reach out to your Resident Assistant or the Flight Path Program. If you live on campus, your resident assistant is a great resource to utilize. For commuter students, the FlightPath program was created to support students throughout their first year and beyond by providing resources and support to ensure you are a successful student. Reach out to your RA or the FlightPath program at 

  • Setting and Staying in a Routine. If you haven’t already, get yourself in a routine on going to bed and waking up around the same time every day to set your internal clock, which will benefit you. Do some self-reflection: are you an early bird or a night owl? Figure out when you can be the most productive and schedule those times to work on assignments and to study!

  • Start your mornings off right. Start your day with a good breakfast, and even a workout in the new “Burn” fitness center! Starting your day off on a positive note will keep you alert and focused throughout the day to be the most productive student you can be!

  • Visit the Counseling Center. Your mental health as a student is just as important to your success at Tennessee Tech as your academic achievements. The Counseling Center at Tennessee Tech is a great asset to students with mental health issues. Students receive 12 free sessions each academic year, so set up your appointment today at

  • Find an accountability partner. Find a friend in your class, or your roommate who also may have early classes or the same exam schedule as you, to ensure you get up in the mornings and encourage you to academically challenge yourself.

  • Get a study schedule in place for exams. Put all of your exams and quizzes in your planner or calendar and set dedicated times to study leading up to them. The night before a big exam should be spent reviewing your material you already know, not learning it for the first time!

Next Steps Checklist

Now that you’ve attended SOAR, you may be thinking “What’s Next?” as you enjoy the remainder of the summer while also gearing up for the start of your freshmen year. Here are a few items that you can do between now and the start of the fall semester to ensure a successful start on campus:


Purchase a Parking Permit. If you plan to park a vehicle on campus, you’ll need a parking permit if you plan to have a car on campus. New students will be able to register for parking permits starting on August 1. You’ll receive an email once you’re able to begin this process. For more information visit

Review Your SOAR Book. We know that there was a lot of information covered during SOAR. Flip through your SOAR Book to review the information covered during orientation to make sure you are familiar with campus resources!

Select a Meal Plan. Meal plans are required if you are living on campus in the residence halls. If you are commuting to campus, a meal plan is great to have if you think you’ll be eating on campus often. Learn more about meal plan options and how to purchase.

Order Your Textbooks. Don’t wait until classes have started to order you textbooks! Based on availability and shipping delays, it is best to have them in hand and then return them if not needed. Always keep your receipts and know the return policies before purchasing/renting textbooks from any vendor. Our University Store is the official textbook source for Golden Eagles and have all the correct versions and options to fit your budget. Visit

Set Goals for Yourself. What are you hoping to accomplish during your first semester? Now is a great time to do a little self-reflection and set some realistic goals for your first semester.

  • Are you wanting to join a student organization?
  • Do you have a GPA goal? What do you need to do each week to obtain this goal?
  • Are you undecided and hoping to declare a major?


Think about what your goals are and be realistic about how you can accomplish them while also allowing yourself some grace. The transition to college can be a challenging and exciting one. Even if you don’t achieve all of your goals this semester, always remember to be proud of your progress!

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