Become more organized: planners and apps to make your life easier!

Staying organized is more important than ever with the various class modes you may be experiencing, but it can be difficult and take a lot of trial and error to find the right organizational tools that work best for you. You may enjoy using paper planners with stickers and colorful pens, you may find that calendar apps help you stay organized, or you may be looking to try something new. Either way, it’s always good to explore other techniques or tools that could improve your organization habits. Below is a combination of mobile applications and physical planning materials, along with the unique characteristics of each, that may help you be more organized than ever!

Physical Planning Materials:

  • Erin Condren Academic Planners – This planner was designed with busy college students in mind! Each planner is equipped with pages for projects and exams, weekly spreads, and essential stickers to help you stay on top of classes!
  • Plum Paper Planners – If you want a planner designed specifically for you, this is the website to visit! You can choose from various planner layouts and then further customize the desired layout!
  • BookFactory Pocket Calendar – Pocket planners are very convenient for on-the-go students! Don’t let the size fool you! This particular planner provides a wide variety of useful resources (notepad, basic first aid information, and much more) all wrapped in a 5X3 book.
  • Blue Sky Planners – This website provides one of the widest variety of planners and the ability to create your own planner from scratch! The most unique quality about this company is that there are more neutral covers, so everyone can find the right planner!
  • The Happy Planner – Each planner from this company has its own unique theme! They also sell “kits” which provide you with the necessary materials to build your own planner and “add-ons” which can be inserted throughout your Happy Planner wherever you see fit!


Free Electronic Planning Programs:

  • Google Calendar (iOS, Android) – This program is compatible across all platforms and can sync across multiple devices! You can color code all of your classes and events, add reminders and set goals for yourself. You can also share your calendar with friends and family so they can see your schedule.
  • Microsoft Outlook Calendar (iOS, Android) – The Outlook Calendar can sync up to your Tech email account and make the Microsoft Outlook app a one-stop-shop for all of your daily activities. This calendar is perfect for coordinating projects or group work because you can invite fellow classmates to the event.
  • My Study Life (iOS, Android) – If you need an app that can help you organize all of your classes, the My Study Life is perfect for you! This app was designed with student’s crazy schedules in mind. They’ve made it easy to keep track of your daily schedule, assignments and to do lists all in one place.
  • Woven (iOS, Android) – Although designed for “busy professional,” Woven has unique qualities that may fit your planning style! To ease the process of adding new events, they provide the ability to create templates for each common class or meeting type and can even include travel time. This app would be great at assisting your transition over to your after-college life.
  • DigiCal Calendar (Android) – Unlike most calendar apps, DigiCal Calendar allows you to personalize your calendar and fully customize your widgets. To make sure you can color code all of your activities, there are over 20 colors to choose from for events.

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