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Making that Small Space Work!

If you’re living on campus, you are still learning how to work with your small space and the communal areas. You may be realizing that some of your stuff doesn’t have a place or that you’re overwhelmed with too much stuff. We have provided a few ideas on how to better store your things and make your room feel more like home.

Loft or raise your bed. Your bed takes up a majority of your floor space. By lofting your bed, you create more space for your desk, dresser, and other furniture pieces you have.

Stackable/multipurpose furniture. To keep your room less cluttered and full, think of different ways to store items. You might find that stackable drawers or a double closet rod resolve your storage issues, or you might like a storage ottoman for extra seating and storage.

Take the extra stuff home. After the first few days or weeks of class, you may realize that you didn’t need every article of clothing or that you didn’t really need that extra chair. Your living space is already quaint, so make a trip home to visit with your family and get rid of any unnecessary items.

Get some extra lighting. This may sound counterproductive, but the harsh overhead lighting may not be ideal early in the morning or late at night. Find a tall thin lamp or one that can clamp to your desk or bed to save some space.

Blankets, pillows and “home-y” touches. A nice, warm blanket or a few comfy pillows can be great additions to your room. These things not only make your room feel more like home, but they also add comfort for when you’re just hanging out in your room alone or with friends.