Spring Semester Success


If you set any resolutions for the new year, did you think about your academics? Consider developing academic-specific goals and resolutions by evaluating your previous experiences and creating a plan of action that will set you up for success. Start off strong this semester with new goals that can help you improve. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Reflect on your past performance. Take some time to think about your academic performance from last semester. Did you meet your goals and are now hoping to continue your stellar performance in the spring? Or do you wish you would’ve done a few things differently? Taking time to reflect can help you determine what you are hoping to accomplish in the new semester.

  • Create specific goals. Sure, your goal might be to get straight A’s this spring, but how will you achieve that? Creating goals with specific action steps and measurable checkpoints will provide a specific plan for you to follow. Take it a step further by putting your goals somewhere you will see them every day, such as your bulletin board, refrigerator, mirror, laptop, or planner.

  • Get motivated and stay positive. Staying motivated throughout the semester can be challenging, especially as you start to feel fatigued from studying. Stay motivated and positive by filling your social feeds with study tips/hacks and positive affirmations.
  • Adapt your learning habits. Did you have to study more than expected last semester? Each student learns differently and each semester and class/instructor is slightly different. Take the first few weeks of each class to experiment with different note-taking techniques and learning mechanisms to discover what works best for you within each course.

  • Take advantage of academic resources on campus. Maybe you didn’t use the tutoring resources on campus last semester, maybe you never visited with your faculty members to discuss your performance and ways to improve in a course, or maybe you felt really overwhelmed and never used your 12 free hours in the Counseling Center. Plan to do some things differently this semester by taking advantage of these opportunities and resources that can help you be successful overall in your college experience.

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