Tips for a Fun & Productive Summer

The summer is quickly approaching, and while you should be proud of yourself for your achievements throughout your first year and deserve some time to relax, you may also want to think about ways that you can be productive during the upcoming summer months. There are an abundance of activities to keep you entertained and productive over the summer. 

Get some exercise and explore the outdoors. Tennessee has over 50 state parks, with 5 of them being within an hour’s drive of Cookeville. Our state parks offer plenty of opportunities for scenic hikes to view waterfalls and enjoy recreational activities. You can also get a summer membership at the new Fitness Center, where you can rent outdoor equipment for camping, kayaking, and more! To find a state park near you where you can explore the outdoors, visit

Read a Book. Most counties in Tennessee have a public library that allows you to check out books, and the Putnam County Public library is located right here in Cookeville, and you can get a free library card if you show your Eagle Card! In addition to public libraries, the Tennessee Tech Volpe Library is open over the summer for you to check out books!

Grow a Plant. You can get a starter plant from Lowe’s or your local hardware or grocery store and begin growing a plant! If you are up for the challenge, try starting with the seeds! 

Take a road trip with your roommates or friends! There are 3 major cities (Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville) that are all within an hour and a half drive of Cookeville that you can explore!

Job shadow or interview a professional in a career of interest. The summer can be a great time for career exploration! Whether you are trying to decide between a few different things or feel pretty set on a specific career, job shadowing or interviewing professionals in those careers can give you insight into what a job in a specific area is really like - what they enjoy and what the challenges are. These experiences are valuable and help you find both what you like and don't like!

Attend Live events in your community. Most cities offer free public events at their city-park. Check out what events your city is hosting at their community centers and parks. The city of Cookeville hosts live events and concerts throughout the summer at Dogwood park, check them out at!

Learn a new hobby or skill. Have you been interested in learning a new language or skill? Now that you have some more free time, explore your interests and try and pick up a new hobby. You can also get a summer job or job shadow in a field you may be interested in to gain more experience in your future career!

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