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Technology Tools for Success

Wondering what technology tools you are going to need to be successful this school year? We’ve got you covered! Take a look at our list below to see the devices and mobile apps that will help you be a productive Tennessee Tech student!

Recommended Devices
  • Laptop and/or Tablet: A laptop and/or tablet is very beneficial for any college student, but not a requirement. Most of your professors will assign homework and distribute notes through iLearn or another online platform. If you don’t own a laptop or tablet device, the Volpe Library on campus offers laptop rental services as well as desktop computer stations that are free to use. If you are in the market for a new device, don’t forget to check out our partnerships with Dell, Apple, and Lenovo along with software provided and recommended hardware based on academic program by visit our ITS Technology Purchasing website.

    If you own a laptop, be sure to have the Microsoft Office Suite installed! Tennessee Tech provides all students access to the Microsoft Office 365 Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, etc.). Use your TN Tech credentials to log in, and you will have access to all that Office 365 has to offer!
  • Printer: Throughout your college experience, there will be many instances when you need to print something, whether it’s class notes or an assignment. Don’t go buy a personal printer, though! The Volpe Library is equipped with plenty of printers that are accessible for student use. Every student receives $30.00 of printing money loaded on to their Eagle Card each semester, which should be more than enough to print off everything you need.
Recommended Apps


(by Brightspace/iLearn) Allows you to access courses that use iLearn for grades and assignments through your phone. You can check due dates, grades, and feedback on assignments in just a few clicks. Pulse also allows you to opt-in to push notifications and text messages that will remind you of upcoming due dates and notify you when a new grade has been posted. Download for iPhone

Download for Android
Outlook Will give you access to your Tech email on your mobile device. With the Outlook app, you can email your professors, keep up with campus news, and access your Microsoft calendar all through your phone. Download for iPhone

Download for Android
Dine on Campus The app to find everything you need to know about our on-campus dining locations. In the app, you can find the hours, menus, location, and more of each dining spot Tennessee Tech offers, including the Caf. You can buy, upgrade, and modify meal plans within the app as well! Download for iPhone

Download for Android
Transact Mobile Order This app allows you to place an online order at any of our retail dining locations! You can pick it up or have it delivered wherever you are on campus. Download for iPhone

Download for Android
Handshake A database of on and off campus jobs and internships. It is the best way to get connected with employers who are specifically looking for Tennessee Tech students! Download for iPhone

Download for Android
WellTrack Tennessee Tech’s Counseling Center provides access to this self-guided therapy app for students. You can use this app to track your daily mood and stay in touch with your overall mental health. Download for iPhone

Download for Android
GroupMe Many of your classes and student organizations will likely use the GroupMe app to communicate important information. Your SOA probably already had you download this app, but remember to keep it on your phone throughout the summer and during the school year! Download for iPhone

Download for Android
Organizer/Planning App of Choice Many students find a mobile planner app to be beneficial in helping keep up with their daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities. Apps such as Outlook, Google Calendar, Microsoft To-Do (included with your Office 365 account), and other apps of the same nature can be a huge help in managing the busy schedule of a college student!  


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