Freshman Year in Review

Congratulations! You are currently wrapping up your Freshman Year at Tennessee Tech! We want to recognize your hard work and your memories made over this year. In this video, we hear from you, Tennessee Tech’s Class of 2024.  We interviewed current Freshmen just like you to share a favorite memory from their Freshman year. Continue reading below as we remember some memories of Class of 2024’s freshman year.

  • SOAR – your first experience as a Golden Eagle, where you were able to be on campus, meet new and current students, faculty and staff as well as your advisor.

  • Week of Welcome – a time where you were able to get to know our wonderful university even more. You demonstrated adaptability and respect as you followed Tennessee Tech’s guidelines surrounding COVID-19!

  • As classes got into full swing, you balanced it all well! For the first time, you were managing a heightened amount of homework, projects and exams.

  • As the leaves started to change on campus, you might have found a new appreciation for the beauty of our campus. The fall brought many event opportunities, your first set of midterms, and fall break!

  • We hope you were able to attend the Josh Peck Q&A session that the SGA SOLO concert series put on in November!

  • As your first semester start to wind down, we are sure you were full of emotions! It was time to stay focused on finals! We hope you never forget the feeling you had after your last final during finals week!

  • When it came time for winter break, you said goodbye to Tn Tech, only for a bit! We hope you enjoyed this break!

  • The New Year likely brought you lots of emotion as you said goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021. We hope you were able to get readjusted well after you came back!

  • In February we hope you were able to celebrate Awesome Eagle’s birthday! This day and the events surrounding it highlights the sweetness of our campus community!

  • Your second set of midterms were given before Spring Break! You probably began to realize at this point that your freshman year is flying by.

  • Here you are now, in April! You are left with memories we covered above, but you are left with countless sweet memories of your personal freshman year.

These years are so precious and valuable! We commend you for almost finishing up your freshman year at Tennessee Tech. We encourage you to take pictures and write down some of your favorite experiences while you are here at Tennessee Tech to ensure you remember them! And always Live Wings Up!

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