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Digital Signage

Visix Digital Signage Transition

We have begun transitioning from our previous digital signage provider to our new digital signage provider, Visix. The transition will be conducted in phases, as it will take time for both the hardware transition and the training of sign managers to take place. As the contract with Reach, our previous digital signage provider, is ending soon, this means that there may be a period of time in which your signs are dark, but rest assured that we will be making every effort to get everyone's signs back online as quickly and efficiently as possible. The transition phases will be released soon.

During the course of this transition, ITS will be responsible for migrating your hardware into the new system. Once your hardware has been properly connected, the Web & Digital Media team will set up your sign with the official Tech layout and a default playlist, then train your area’s sign managers. Once you have undergone training, you will be given access to your signs and content, and will be able to begin uploading and scheduling your signage. 

Further details regarding transition phases, training, and more will be released on this page as soon as they are available. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to email us at

Web & Digital Media