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Parking & Transportation

Employee Parking

Employee permits for the 2020-2021 academic year expire August 15, 2021.

Permits purchased on or after January 1, 2021 will be half of the cost shown below.

Employee Type GOLD PURPLE

Full-Time Benefited Faculty
(Faculty and Administrative Staff)



Full-Time Benefited Staff
(Clerical & Support)

$235 $149

Part-Time Faculty

$265 $179

Part-Time Staff

$235 $149

Temporary Employees

$235 $149

 Accessible Permit-
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Permit cost for low-income employees: Tennessee Tech will supplement $93 of the purple permit for Tech’s full-time, benefited employees whose annual salary is less than $30,000. This university supplement applies to the purple permit only; if an otherwise qualified employee decides to purchase the gold permit, there will be no university supplement and the employee would pay the full gold permit price.


Full-time Benefited Employees

We strongly encourage all full-time, benefited employees to sign up for payroll deduction during the annual enrollment period.  This is a convenient way to reserve your parking permit from your computer or mobile device.  The annual enrollment period is June 1 to August 31.  The total cost of your parking permit is deducted in two payments (September and February).

Click here for detailed instructions on how to purchase a permit online using our Parking Portal.


Adjunct, Temporary, & Part-Time

Adjunct, temporary, and part-time employees may utilize payroll deduction using the forms below.   Employees may also elect to use a debit or credit card to purchase their parking permit in person.



Permits purchased using the forms below will be held for pick-up in our office located in the Roaden University Center at the information desk. 

FY21 Adjunct Faculty 
FY21 Temporary Employee (Hourly temps only.  Salary temps must use the Parking Portal to purchase a permit.)  


Please contact the office of Parking & Transportation at 931-372-6428 with any questions.


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