Student Parking

Student Parking

Student permits for Summer 2019 term may be purchased at the Parking Services Office in Foundation Hall.  The cost for summer term will be $92.50 for green, red, or teal zone permits and $55.50 for purple zone permits.

2019-20 Permit Information

Permits for the 2019-2020 academic year will go on sale during the summer term.  (Exact Dates to be determined).  These permits will be valid until August 15, 2020. 

Zone: Where you may park: Cost:
RED-Off Campus Students RED and PURPLE zones $200
GREEN- Res Hall Residents GREEN, RED, and PURPLE zones $200
TEAL- Tech Village Residents TEAL and PURPLE $200
PURPLE- May be purchased by anyone PURPLE $120

Once you have read over the parking regulations and viewed the campus map, you may reserve your permit through the Parking Portal.

When you reserve your permit through the parking portal, the charge will be billed to your student account.  You do not have to wait for this charge to show up on your account before obtaining your permit.  You may pick up your permit immediately upon reserving. 

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