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Parking & Transportation Updates

Updates as of September 9, 2022 

Peachtree Avenue from 7th Street to Wings Up Way is expected to reopen next week. This work and the Henderson/Farr parking lot were the first phases of the massive Parking and Transportation Improvements project (SBC #166/011-02-2016C).

With the completion of the current work on Peachtree, the project will move to new areas on campus:

Stadium Drive between 7th Street and Wings Up Way
Area of the intersection of Peachtree Avenue and University Drive (in front of the Volpe Library, which has been closed to vehicular traffic since 2020)
Significant change to the campus shuttle routes due to the impact of this construction resulting in a single route for all campus shuttles

1. Stadium Drive

Stadium Drive Closure

With the completion of the current work on Peachtree Avenue in front of Maddux/McCord, the contractor will be moving work to the next phase of the project: Stadium Drive from 7th Street to Wings Up Way. During this phase, the road will be closed, including the intersection. Wings Up Way will be blocked at the access road for between the Burnett Student Recreation & Fitness Center (the Burn).

This phase is expected to take two months to complete, with the timeline subject to change due to weather or other delays.

For pedestrians, the sidewalk on the north side of Wings Up Way will remain open to maintain access to the Burn and Ray Morris Hall (location of Oakley STEM Center).

The ADA entrance at Browning/Evins and the walkways leading to it, as well as the stairs facing north, will remain open at this time. Towards the end of work on this phase, this entrance and stairs will need to be closed briefly as sidewalk in this area must be replaced. Once we know when that will be, the campus, along with Residential Life and the Accessible Education Center, will be notified.

The small Gold parking lot immediately next to Ray Morris Hall will be closed during this phase.

A part of the larger Red parking lot at the corner of Stadium Drive and Wings Up Way will be closed as the existing pavement will be demolished and replaced to tie in with the new streetscaping. Access to the remainder of this lot will be by the access road, entering off of either 7th Street or Wings Up Way.

Be assured, the Stadium Drive closure will not happen until the current work on Peachtree is complete. While the contractor may start preliminary work on fencing the new phase, streets and sidewalks will remain open until the construction work begins.

2. Peachtree Avenue near University Drive intersection closed

Peachtree at University Drive Closed

Over the summer, work on the greenspace behind the Roaden University Center was done to install stormwater structures and piping. Next week, the next part of infrastructure work in the area will begin to install new chilled water lines. This work will be done in three phases in order to minimize the number of streets and pathways in this area closed at any one time.

Work on the first phase will start next week, and will see the closure of Peachtree Avenue (street and sidewalks) from the north side of the Henderson/Farr parking lot to the intersection of Peachtree Avenue and University Drive. The expected completion date for this phase is Oct. 6, subject to weather and other delays.

The second phase will cover the actual intersection of Peachtree Avenue and University Drive, with the third phase impacting A Street north of Foster Hall. Impacts on sidewalks and parking in these areas will be determined and announced as we get closer to the start of work on these phases.

3. New single campus shuttle route

Shuttle Route(s) Updated

The largest impact of this work will be the rerouting of the campus shuttles. Starting on Monday, Sept. 12, there will be a single route that will travel from the large Purple West parking lot, located across Willow Avenue, to Foundation Hall.

A complete round-trip of each shuttle should take no more than 15 minutes, and there will continue to be multiple shuttles operating on this route in order to reduce the amount of time between shuttles at each stop.


Updates as of August 23, 2022

While several vehicles were being towed on Monday from the local hospital lot and on streets near campus, hundreds of Tech parking spaces sat empty. Say no to the tow bill and have a much less stressful semester.

Parking across Willow in the purple lot is checked daily, and most of the spaces are unused. Foundation Hall’s red parking lot also has many unused spaces each day. 

Two regular shuttle routes run from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. to both of these lots, with multiple shuttles running on the Gold route (which runs from the purple lot across Willow to the center of campus) during peak times during the day. You can find more information about the shuttles, including links to a shuttle tracker app, at

You can still purchase a parking pass and avoid worrying every day about getting towed or being issued a ticket. You can purchase permits online at by clicking on the “Parking Portal” yellow button. 

You will find parking spaces in the purple lot. 

On campus, do not park on the grass, on sidewalks or in roadways.  

Neighboring businesses, including the hospital and Peachtree Learning Center, have asked that students, faculty and staff stop parking in their lots. Vehicles without the proper tags for these locations will be towed. Also, the city will give citations, and in some cases tow, vehicles not properly parked on city streets.  

Here are some areas where issues have been reported.    

Peachtree Learning Center (corner of 4th & Peachtree) 

·         No parking in lots, on grass, or on North side of lot blocking safe exit 

Cookeville Regional Medical Center (the hospital)

·         No parking  

Public streets around Bell Hall (and city streets in general)

·         No parking in grass

·         No double parking 

·         No blocking driveways 

Updates as of August 15, 2022

Henderson/T.J. Farr Parking Lot Open

The parking lot behind Henderson/Farr is now open, via William L. Jones Drive. After some minor work to smooth out the entrance on Peachtree Avenue at 10th Street, that access point will be open as well later today.

Please be aware that while the lot is open for parking, there will be additional work on the lot, such as to install crosswalk markings, landscaping and irrigation. These will be completed as soon as possible and should not substantially interfere with the use of the parking lot.


Updates as of August 5, 2022

Update on Henderson/T.J. Farr Parking Lot

The parking lot behind Henderson and T.J. Farr is expected to be completed on or around Friday, Aug. 12, if there are no issues with the final curbing, paving and striping for the lot. 

As we approach the start of the fall semester, there will be more faculty, staff and students arriving on campus and there may be times that parking is tight. Already this summer, those of you who have traditionally used the Henderson/Farr parking lot have been using alternative spots. At this time, you should familiarize yourself with additional areas that are available in case your preferred lot is occupied.

As you may recall, the university expanded select parking lots last fall in preparation for this work (across Dixie from Pennebaker Hall, at Southwest Hall) and rezoned others (behind Crawford Hall, in front of MS Cooper/Dunn).

We plan to start the year off with the lot open. The contractor has multiple crews working today to help move this project to completion as soon as possible. The expected completion date is prior to when we will see the greatest number of students returning to campus.

Thank you for your continued patience as we continue to make progress on the campus-wide parking and transportation project.


Updates as of July 14, 2022

Parking and Transportation Improvements Project

The Parking and Transportation Improvements project (SBC #166/011-02-2016C), which began with the parking lot behind Henderson Hall and TJ Farr Building, is one of the largest capital projects the university has undertaken in terms of the amount of the campus it impacts in one way or another and is being completed in phases.

Unlike buildings, which are bounded by the site of the facility under construction, this project entails the alteration of pedestrian and vehicular traffic throughout campus in order to make Tech a much more pedestrian-friendly campus. This will enhance campus safety, as well as help to create the collegial atmosphere that students value.


Parking Lots

1. The realignment of the parking lot at Henderson/TJ Farr to set access at W. 10th Street (the street between Lewis and Clement halls). Diagonal parking will be changed to straight parking and the lot will have dedicated walkways to enhance safety. This portion of the project is currently underway and is expected to be completed by the start of the fall semester, depending on potential weather delays.
2. The Pit (the parking lot located behind Bartoo Hall currently accessed via Peachtree Avenue) will be realigned and connected to the Henderson/Farr lot. The Peachtree access will be removed.
3. The Derryberry Hall parking lot will only be accessible from Dixie Avenue (William L. Jones Drive will no longer be a through street).


Pedestrian Walkways and Plaza

In order to enhance campus safety and atmosphere, Tech is converting most of Peachtree Avenue, part of University Drive near the Volpe Library, and part of William L. Jones Drive into bricked walkways and a plaza. These areas will not be available for vehicular traffic (with the exception of facilities and emergency vehicles), providing for a safe and attractive space for non-vehicular traffic. 

4. Peachtree Avenue from Wings Up Way north to A Street

5. University Drive from Stadium Drive east to Peachtree Avenue

6. The area encompassing the current intersection of University Drive and Peachtree Avenue will become a plaza and a valuable outdoor space for students and organizations.
7. William L. Jones Drive from the Derryberry Hall parking lot west to Peachtree Avenue


Sidewalk and Streetscape Renovations

8. Peachtree Avenue between 7th Street and Wings Up Way will become a more attractive entrance to campus, with the limited street parking in front of Maddux/McCord halls removed (although a pull-off will be maintained with three parking spots for drop-offs) and better pedestrian walkways installed at the main doors to the residence halls. This portion of the project is currently underway, with expected completion this fall. There is a possibility of completion by the start of the semester, with progress dependent on potential weather delays and possible logistical delays in obtaining select materials and structures.

9. W. 10th Street on campus will be renovated and street parking removed.

10. Stadium Drive sidewalks and curbs will be enhanced.


Future parking and transportation projects

Tech’s master plan has additional parking and transportation projects included (such as Dixie Avenue and Mahler Avenue roundabout and streetscape, and parking garages). These are not included in the current project.


Updates as of May 6, 2022

Henderson Hall Parking Lot Closed This Summer

Starting Tuesday, May 10, the parking lot behind Henderson and Farr will be closed due to the university’s parking and transportation improvement project (SBC #166/011-02-2016C). Access to the lot will be restricted starting Monday evening. The lot is expected to be closed throughout the summer.

Gold permits are able to park in both Red- and Purple-zoned lots throughout campus.

The work on the lot will include changes to how the lot is accessed and how spaces are aligned.

Due to the centrality of this parking lot, work on this part of the overall transportation project is starting immediately after commencement with the intent to have the work on the parking lot completed by the fall semester.

Please note that while the parking lot located behind Bartoo Hall at the corner of William L. Jones Drive and Peachtree Avenue (affectionately known as The Pit) is not closing next Tuesday, it will need to be temporarily closed as part of this project at some point. While this date is not known as of now, it will be shared once it is established.

The larger transportation project – of which the Henderson/Farr lot is the first phase – includes subsequent phases that will impact both vehicular and pedestrian movement around campus, such as the conversion of much of Peachtree Avenue to a pedestrian only walkway.

Updates as of December 7, 2021

Southwest Hall Parking Lot expansion nearing completion

The expansion of the Southwest Hall lot at the corner of Stadium Drive and 10th Street is nearing completion, with the final paving and striping completed. The final step is the installation of curbs, which is expected to be completed this week. Once the curbs are installed, the expansion will be available for Gold parking. 

In addition to the parking expansion, a connector between this lot and the lot on the corner of Stadium Drive and Wings Up Way has been constructed to aid in vehicular flow in the two lots. 


  • If you are graduating or wish to return your current parking permit for a 50% refund, you must submit the refund request form and your permit to Parking & Transportation Services, RUC 122. The refund request deadline is Jan. 24, 2022. No refunds will be given after this date. The refund request form is at
  • A donation of six canned, non-perishable food items may be turned in to the Parking & Transportation Services Office (RUC 122) in return for a fine reduction on the citation up to $15. Only citations for "parking in an unassigned parking lot" and "parking without a valid parking permit displayed" will be forgiven. No restricted area citations will be forgiven (illegal parking space, fire lane, disabled area, etc.). The donation of canned goods may only be used once per semester, per student.  All donations must be made within 15 business days of the citation date.


Updates as of November 23, 2021

Street parking on Stadium Drive will be removed effective Friday, Nov. 26

As part of the construction project for the new Ashraf Islam Engineering Building, the street parking on Stadium Drive, across from Prescott Hall, will no longer be available, effective this Friday, Nov. 26. 

The spots will be blocked off with barricades and caution tape, and enforcement of this no parking area will begin once the barricades are installed.

On Tuesday, Nov. 30, fencing will start to be installed around the building’s construction site.


  • There is a free shuttle tracker app available for both Apple iOS and Android. You can find it in the App Store or Google Play. You can also see a live map with real-time shuttle locations at Campus shuttles run from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday on days when classes are in session during the fall and spring semesters. 
  • Parking rules and regulations, including a list of fine amounts, is at

Updates as of November 9, 2021

Parking garages coming to campus

One of the most-asked questions about parking on campus is when will Tech build a parking garage. 

These multi-level structures seem to be an obvious answer to parking concerns on campus, but it isn’t that simple. Parking structures have a significantly higher per space construction cost over a traditional surface lot (more than $30,000 per spot for a garage compared to about $6,000 per spot for a surface lot). And since parking projects cannot be submitted for state funding, these projects must rely on user-generated parking revenue and other university sources.

However, the initiative to green the university and make for a more traditional, pedestrian-friendly campus has resulted in the identification of three sites on campus for multi-level parking structures, with the first expected to be presented to the Tech Board of Trustees next month.

  • Wings Up Way Garage: 4 levels, 412 spaces, located at the corner of Wings Up Way and Stadium Avenue, behind Ray Morris Hall ($13.93 million cost)
  • Corner of Seventh Street and Peachtree Avenue, behind Crawford Hall (2 levels, 205 spaces; future development)
  • Corner of University and Stadium drives, west of the Volpe Library (4 or 5 levels, 393 or 509 spaces; future development)

If approved by Tech’s board, the university will use a combination of bond financing and university funds for the Wings Up Way garage in the 2022-2023 fiscal year budget. While some planning and design work has been done, there is still a long process that can only begin once funding is secured for the project, with final construction design, putting the project out to bid to find the company who will handle construction, and finally building the structure.  


Updates as of August 10, 2021

Big campus improvements are coming, and we are getting prepared now.

You may have heard about Peachtree Avenue being converted to a pedestrian mall. This project, which is part of the university master plan and part of the overall priorities of greening the campus and pedestrian safety, is expected to start late in the fall semester. We are actively preparing for this project, along with the construction of the new engineering building (which also starts this fall) by making changes to parking on campus.

Some of these parking zone changes you may have noticed upon looking at the parking map that came with your 2021-2022 parking permit. Others will come into effect as we get closer to the start of the upcoming projects.

The university is sharing what we know now. The timeline for many of these projects depends on factors that will precede them. Many items on the following list will not happen soon, but will happen eventually. Our goal is to keep you informed along the way.


What we are doing now

Tech’s Office of Parking and Transportation, in conjunction with campus facilities staff, are actively working to expand and rezone select parking lots in order to minimize the impact on campus parking.

All parking zone changes will begin at the start of this fall semester (Aug. 16, 2021). 

  • Southwest Hall Lot: Entire lot rezoned to Gold
  • Crawford Hall Lot: 20 spaces rezoned to Gold; the lot will still have Green spaces available
  • Lot in front of MS Cooper/Pinkerton: 17 spaces rezoned to Gold
  • Stadium Gate 5 Lot: Closed to all parking
  • Derryberry Hall Lot (William L. Jones Drive): Rezoned to be primarily visitor and reserved parking (more information about this coming Aug. 12)


Future plans (No current timeline for beginning these projects)
  • Henderson Lot: Access points and parking layout will change and, as a result, there will be 32 fewer spaces available
  • Memorial Gym Lot (The Pit): Will serve as the staging area for the Peachtree pedestrian mall project; as such, it will remain open until that project begins, but will close during the construction
  • Parking on West 10th Street will be eliminated
  • Parking on Stadium Drive across from Prescott Hall will be eliminated
  • Southwest Hall Lot: Expanding to add 16 new Gold spaces
  • Pennebaker Lot (across Dixie Avenue): Expanding to add 45 new Red spaces
  • Foundation Hall Lot: Expanding to add 32 new Red spaces
  • West Lot (across Willow): Expanding to add 40 new Purple spaces

Once the parking lot changes are completed, the net loss of zoned spaces on campus is only 15 spots.


Campus Shuttle

The campus shuttle routes will be impacted once the pedestrian mall project begins. The new routes, including where the stops will be located, are currently being finalized.


Visitor Parking

The process for obtaining a visitor permit is being streamlined for campus visitors. While campus departments will still need to request permits from the Office of Parking and Transportation for their official visitors, people coming to campus will be able to use their smartphone and a QR code available at visitor spots to obtain their day-use visitor permit.


Parking Garage

Tech has started initial planning for a parking garage. We are early in this process, which includes determining the best location on campus for a multi-level structure.


Future Updates

Tech is committed to keeping you updated as these projects go forward. We will be sending an email to you each Tuesday with information you can use to minimize the impact of these changes on your daily commute. 

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