Emergency Preparedness - Earthquake


Drop! Cover! Hold on!

Did you know Tennessee has the two most active seismic zones in the eastern United States? Here is what to do if an earthquake occurs.

  • Seek shelter under a sturdy desk. If a desk is not available, move into a hallway or stand against an inside wall.
  • Do NOT attempt to exit the building during active shaking. Wait until the shaking has stopped. Falling materials can be deadly.
  • Do NOT run down stairs or use elevators. Stay clear of windows and heavy appliances.
  • If you are outdoors, stay away from buildings, utility lines, trees, bridges, or any other structure that could fall.
  • Once the shaking has stopped, exit damaged buildings. *Doors may be jammed, so exiting through another means may be necessary. Doors should be left open if possible.
  • Be prepared for aftershocks.
  • Report your condition and location to emergency preparedness personnel or some other official. If trapped, bang on something to make noise rather than yelling for help.
    drop cover hold on 

Earthquake Preparation Video

 Self-report for Tracking
  • Attempt to contact your immediate family. (It is good practice to designate a common point of contact that your family and friends know to call.)
  • Provide information to university officials for rosters upon request.