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Tennessee Tech Residential Fire Log


34 CFR 668.49 requires institutions that maintain on campus student housing facilities, such as Tennessee Tech, maintain a written and easily understood fire log. Reportable fires in student housing or updates to prior fires/ injuries will be updated to this log within two business days. 


Fire Statistics

Incident Date Incident Time Nature of Fire Building Location Deaths Value of Property Damage
11/7/2022 8:30pm Oven Tech Village D7 West 0 $600.00
3/9/2021 9:45pm trash can New Hall North 3rd floor dorm room 0 $290.00
11/13/19  7:55pm Dryer New Hall South 2nd Floor laundry area  0  $56,968.62



Fire: Any instance of open flame or other burning in a place not intended to contain the burning or in an uncontrolled manner. (Examples: trash basket fire in the building, overheated appliance that causes flames, etc. Items not included would be burned popcorn triggering alarms, melted plastic, burns on cabinets resulting from curling iron, etc.)

Fire Drill: A supervised practice of a mandatory evacuation of a building for a fire.

Fire-Related Injury: Any instance in which a person is injured as a result of a fire, including an injury sustained from a natural or accidental cause, while involved in fire control, attempting rescue, or escaping from the dangers of the fire. The term “person” may include students, employees, visitors, firefighters, or any other individuals.

Fire-Related Death: Any instance in which a person—

  1. Is killed as a result of a fire, including death resulting from a natural or accidental cause while involved in fire control, attempting rescue, or escaping from the dangers of a fire; or
  2. Dies within one year of injuries sustained as a result of the fire.

Fire Safety System: Any mechanism or system related to the detection of a fire, the warning resulting from a fire, or the control of a fire. This may include sprinkler systems or other fire extinguishing systems, fire detection devices, stand-alone smoke alarms, devices that alert one to the presence of a fire, such as horns, bells, or strobe lights; smoke-control and reduction mechanisms; and fire doors and walls that reduce the spread of a fire.

Value of Property Damage: The estimated value of the loss of the structure and contents, in terms of the cost of replacement in like kind and quantity. This estimate should include contents damaged by fire, and related damages caused by smoke, water, and overhaul; however, it does not include indirect loss, such as business interruption.

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