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Advising for Undergraduate Programs & Teacher Licensure

The College of Education Student Success Center is responsible for advising undergraduate students in both the College of Education and the College of Fine Arts

Undergraduate Teacher Licensure Programs:

IMPORTANT: Transfer and/or readmitted students must have a minimum 2.5 inclusive college GPA to enter any of the licensure programs listed below. Students who do not meet this requirement but do meet general admission requirements may be admitted into a non-licensure program of study.

The following undergraduate and teacher licensure programs of study are advised through the College of Education Student Success Center:

  • ARED (Art Education K-12)

    ARED (Art Education), K-12

  • ECED (Early Childhood Education PreK-3)

    ECED (Early Childhood Education) Early Childhood/Special Education, Pre K-3

  • ELED (Elementary Education K-5)

    ELED (Elemantary Education), K-5

  • EXPW (Physical Education K-12)

    EXPW (Exercise Science) Licensure, K-12

  • MDS (ESL K-12 and Middle School 6-8)

    MDS (Multidisciplinary Studies) ESL, K-12
    MDS (Multidisciplinary Studies) Middle School English, 6-8
    MDS (Multidisciplinary Studies) Middle School Math, 6-8
    MDS (Multidisciplinary Studies) Middle School Science, 6-8
    MDS (Multidisciplinary Studies) Middle School Social Studies, 6-8

  • MUS (Music K-12) 

    MUS (Music) Instrumental/General Music Licensure, K-12
    MUS (Music) Vocal/General Music Licensure, K-12

  • SEED (Secondary Education 6-12) 

    SEED (Secondary Education) Biology, 6-12
    SEED (Secondary Education) Chemistry, 6-12
    SEED (Secondary Education) Earth & Space Science, 6-12
    SEED (Secondary Education) Economics, 6-12
    SEED (Secondary Education) English, 6-12
    SEED (Secondary Education) French, 6-12
    SEED (Secondary Education) Geography, 6-12
    SEED (Secondary Education) German, 6-12
    SEED (Secondary Education) History, 6-12
    SEED (Secondary Education) Mathematics, 6-12
    SEED (Secondary Education) Physics, 6-12
    SEED (Secondary Education) Political Science, 6-12
    SEED (Secondary Education) Spanish, 6-12
    SEED (Secondary Education) Speech & Theatre, 6-12

  • SPE (Special Education)

    SPE (Special Education) Comprehensive, K-12
    SPE (Special Education) Interventionist, K-8
    SPE (Special Education) Interventionist Biology, 6-12
    SPE (Special Education) Interventionist English, 6-12
    SPE (Special Education) Interventionist Math, 6-12
    SPE (Special Education) Interventionist Social Studies/History, 6-12

Advising for Agricultural Education (AGED), 6-12 is managed through the College of Agriculture and Human Ecology Student Success Center.

Post Baccalaureate Teacher Licensure Programs:

The Post-Baccalaureate Licensure Program is designed to grant teacher licensure to interested individuals who have completed a bachelor's degree in an area that did not lead to teacher licensure.

Distance Learning Teacher Licensure Program | 2+2 Program Partnership with Community Colleges:

The 2 + 2 Program offers on-site delivery of the third and fourth years of the College of Education’s teacher licensure program at surrounding community colleges, and is designed to mirror the quality of on-campus classes while increasing accessibility.

Currently, the Elementary Education concentration is offered through these partner campuses:

Chattanooga State (Main Campus)
Motlow State (McMinnville & Moore County)
Pellissippi State (Hardin Valley)
Roane State (Crossville, Harriman, Oak Ridge & Scott County)

Additionally, Secondary Education programs are offered in Chemistry and Math at the Roane State (Oak Ridge) campus.

Undergraduate non-teacher licensure programs of study offered in the Departments of Exercise Science (EXPW), Art, Music, Curriculum and Instruction, and Counseling and Psychology:

  • EXPW (Exercise Science Pre-Professional and Others)

    EXPW (Exercise Science) Fitness & Wellness
    EXPW (Exercise Science) Pre-Athletic Training
    EXPW (Exercise Science) Pre-Occupational Therapy
    EXPW (Exercise Science) Pre-Physical Therapy
    EXPW (Exercise Science) Pre-Physician Assistant
    EXPW (Exercise Science) Sport Administration

  • ART (Art Studio)

    ART (Fine Arts) Clay Concentration
    ART (Fine Arts) Design Concentration, Digital Media Emphasis
    ART (Fine Arts) Fibers Concentration
    ART (Fine Arts) Glass Concentration
    ART (Fine Arts) Metals Concentration
    ART (Fine Arts) Painting Concentration
    ART (Fine Arts) Wood ConcentrationART (Fine Arts) Clay Concentration

  • MUS (Music Performance)

    MUS (Music) Composition Emphasis
    MUS (Music) Instrumental Option
    MUS (Music) Jazz Option
    MUS (Music) Piano Option
    MUS (Music) Vocal Option

  • Non-Licensure Programs in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction

    ECED (Early Childhood Education) Non-Licensure
    MDS (Multidisciplinary Studies) General: Advisor / Dr. Sandi J. Smith
    SEED (Secondary Education) Non-Licensure
    SPE (Special Education) Non-Licensure

  • PSY (Psychology)

    PSY (Psychology)

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More detailed information about these programs of study can be found under "Academic Organization and Programs of Study" in the Undergraduate Catalog.

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