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    E.N.C.O.R.E. – Empower. Network. Connect. Overcome. Reach. Educate.   

    When it comes to academic, civic, and professional development, the College of Education strives to provide its students with effective programs to better support and elevate its students. In hosting E.N.C.O.R.E. seminars, the College of Education will promote student success by:                                                       
         * Empowering its students to become independent and self-governing learners;
         * Allowing its students to build self-esteem and confidence in their ability to learn, communicate, and engage in curriculum;
         * Educating its students on how to identify and articulate individual academic goals and needs;
         * Providing its students with a peer mentor and seminar leader to develop and implement an action plan to achieve academic goals and needs; and,
         * Promoting the understanding of students’ individual strengths and areas needing improvement through a multitude of personal, academic, and career-based areas.                                                                                                                       
    We hope to see you in our E.N.C.O.R.E. seminars this fall!

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    Available Fall 2019 ENCORE Sessions: 

    Transitions and Homesickness September 17, 2019, 11am-noon, FARR 201A Are you having a difficult time transitioning to college? Not making the right connections in college and feeling a sense of belonging to Tennessee Tech can have a huge impact on whether or not we feel homesick. Developing a support group is essential to feeling “at home.” Join Mr. Rick Moles, Ed.S. and feel “right at home” to build connections and meet new people going through the same feelings as you! 
    Time Management and Organization September 24, 2019, 11am-noon, FARR 201A Are you worried about making the most of your time? Join Mr. Charles Craig, Ed.S. to find ways to make your day more intentional and create structure in your life! Using technology tools, Mr. Craig can assist you in “finding time” to accomplish your goals, study for tests, and balance work, your personal life, and college.
    Fast Track to a Master’s Degree October 9, 2019, 11am-noon, FARR 201A Are you interested in earning up to 6 hours of graduate credit while in your undergraduate program??? The Fast Track to a Master’s Degree seminar will focus on the College of Education Fast Track program to include programs such as Exercise Science, Counseling and Psychology, as well as Curriculum and Instruction. Join Dr. Ashley Akenson and Dr. Mark Loftis if you are interested in pursuing your master’s degree at Tennessee Tech University!
    Test-Taking and Study Strategies October 16, 2019, 11am-noon, FARR 201A Do you struggle with test-taking and test anxiety and developing effective study techniques? You are not alone! The Test-Taking and Study Strategies seminar can help you identify stressors for test anxiety and ways to effectively test in college. Hardly studied in high school? Mrs. Amanda Yother, M.S.I.S. will also cover strategies to make the most of your study sessions to prepare you for the collegiate level.
    Registration 101      November 5, 2019, 11am-noon, FARR 201A Are you confused about the registration process? Join Mr. Patrick Mannle and Mr. Matthew Richards as they clarify registration expectations and how to register for spring 2020 courses!
    Lesson Plan 101 November 19, 2019, 11am-noon, FARR 201A Education majors: If you are interested in teaching, be sure to join Mr. Ethan Grissom and Mrs. Kara Phillips and learn how to develop a proper lesson plan. If you are struggling to understand what a lesson plan is and how to format one in an effective way, consider attending to fine-tune your skills!
    Stress Less December 3, 2019 , 11am-noon, FARR 201A Stressed about finals week? Music therapy. Art therapy. Join Mrs. Meredith Lewis and Mrs. Tenika Burgess as they walk you through an hour of tranquility and relaxation. Learn how to develop effective coping skills while building confidence and self-esteem.

  • P.A.S.S. Program

    Pathways to Academic Support and Success (P.A.S.S.) Program

    When it comes to providing pathways to academic support and success, the College of Education strives to provide its students with effective programs to better support and elevate its students. In offering the P.A.S.S. Program, the College of Education will promote student success by:                                          
         * Helping students define success given their current academic standing
         * Developing success strategies to best navigate the goal setting process and individual pathway development;
         * Connecting students to campus resources, programs, and services to foster empowerment toward accomplishing individual goals;
         * Enhancing students’ abilities through the investigation of best practice techniques in areas such as time management, study skills, note taking, prioritizing responsibilities, career readiness, decision making, and other designated topics;
         * Providing students with a peer mentor to promote accountability and relationship-building;
         * Empowering students to strive for Good Academic Standing through additional advisement meetings, regular peer mentor meetings, online webinars, and participation in E.N.C.O.R.E. seminars; and,
         * Supporting, empowering, and encouraging students by meeting them where they are in the process!   

    Contact your advisor to find out more about enrolling in the P.A.S.S. Program.

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